Why do I need a Bicycle Insurance?

To avert dents in your pocket when you dent your cycle.
To protect both your bicycle and yourself from unforeseen situations.
To ensure you don’t face losses in unfortunate circumstances such as, if your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

What's Covered in Digit's Bicycle Insurance?

Personal Accident

In case there’s a fatal accident while travelling on the bicycle, we are there to cover you!

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In-spite of your best efforts to safeguard your cycle, thefts do happen

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Emergency Accidental
Treatment & Evacuation

In the unfortunate event, that there is a death or disability due to a fatal accident while riding the bicycle, this cover takes care of all hospital woes!

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Accidental Damage

Say you’re driving on a nice sunny morning and boom someone bangs your cycle from behind. We not only understand your pain, but cover you for the damages too!

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What's not Covered?

We believe in transparency and, the first step to that is telling you exactly what’s not covered.

Death or disability that takes place after 365 days of the accident will not be covered.
Non-emergency treatments are not covered. Such as if you had a pre-existing injury or sickness.
Liquid damages won’t be covered such as if you park your cycle in a garage that gets water logged.
Manufacturer defects such as a mechanical or electrical breakdown are not covered.

How to claim?

Whenever you or cycle are in trouble, just give us a call on 1800-258-5956 or email us at hello@godigit.com and we’ll take care of the rest.

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