How To Take Care Of Your Car In Winters

Team Digit, 16 Jan 2019

With winter coming in thick and fast, it is high time for you to think about ensuring that your car is ‘winter ready.’ This will ensure that it will get through the blisteringly cold weather with the minimum amount of fuss. These car maintenance tips should stand you in good stead.

Car Servicing is a must

This is one of the best car care tips for winter. It is imperative you have a service carried out before winter.

Studies have shown that many of the problems that your car deals with in the winter could easily have been dealt with by proper service.

Many car garages know this. As you head into winter, it is likely that you will find many garages offering discounted winter car care, so take advantage of that!

Check your Car Battery

Batteries function poorly when the cold weather starts descending. Now, most car batteries are probably going to be able to get through the winter months perfectly fine. However, do bear in mind that has time starts to roll on, batteries will lose their effectiveness. Cold weather and an old battery are not going to do well together.

Remember; it is likely that you are going to be putting that battery under even more strain during the winter months. You will be using the lights of your vehicle more. You will be using the heater more etc.

Your battery should last about five years, and if you are thinking about caring for your car in winter, then make sure you get it checked over.


Make sure that you keep your anti-freeze in perfect condition during the winter. If you overdilute it, then your engine will overheat, and not only will you end up with no car for the winter months, but you will also be enjoying the cost of replacing the motor. Follow these tips:

-          Purchase a quality anti-freeze solution

-          Mix 50% of water

-          Mix 50% anti-freeze

-          Keep topped up with anti-freeze during the winter, ensuring that you keep the quantities right.

Your Tyres

This is a bit of car maintenance which could save your life.

When the winter rolls in, the roads are going to start to get icy. There may even be a spot of snow. If your tyres are not in perfect condition, then you should end up skidding off the road, causing a car accident.

Make sure the tyres are at the right pressure. The tread depth should be at about 3mm. It can be difficult to check the tyres yourself, but that is what the service is for. If the service spots anything wrong, then they can do some car maintenance and repair to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

You will regularly want to check your tyre pressure throughout the winter because the tyres will start to lose pressure as the weather becomes a little bit colder.

Check Your Lights

Since you are likely going to be using your lights even more during the winter months, check that they are fine each day.

One issue many people will face is that the bulbs on their car start to go, but they often do not notice until the last minute. Check that the headlights, fog lights, and your indicators are in perfect condition. If the light starts to dim, even a little, then make sure that you get them replaced as quickly as possible.

Check your Screen Washer Fluid

Make sure that it is topped up because this is also going to be used a lot during the winter months. It is imperative that you mix some anti-freeze in there too, otherwise small particles of ice will start to form in the screen washer fluid which will cause issues for your windscreen.

Check your Windscreen

If you have chips in your windscreen, now is the time to deal with that problem. We can guarantee you that if you do not deal with small chips in your windscreen now, the cold weather is going to make them a whole lot bigger, and this can shatter your windscreen.

Again, this is a bit of winter car care that the service agent you deal with will check for. Thankfully, if the crack or chip is small, they will likely to be able to fill it in quickly with a special solution, and your windscreen will not need to be replaced.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers, particularly in areas with heavy rain, will last twelve months at the most. People tend never to replace them. Check your windshield wipers at least once a week to ensure they are working properly and there are no chips in the rubber.

Keep your Gas Tank Full

Gas tanks which are nearing empty are more prone to freezing up in the winter. Try to keep your gas tank as full as you can afford to keep it.

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