Securing your ICC Cricket World Cup Tour with Travel Insurance

Team Digit, 10 May 2019


You have the tricolor paint ready, you India blue out and your fan team ready for the 2019 Cricket World Cup! If that’s you then this piece is all you want to know about protecting your much-awaited travel to UK for the event.

About the event

The 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019.

The format for the tournament will be a single group of 10 teams, with each team playing the other nine once, and the top four at the end of the group phase progressing to the semi-finals.

Why do you need a travel insurance for ICC Cricket World Cup from India?

Going for the World Cup all the way from India to UK, is for die-hard cricket fans or for people who wish to join the tribe, excitement and Indian spirit. Either way, this experience is an expensive one!

a. Unforeseen and Unfortunate

And a travel insurance for your trip protects and covers you from any further expenses in the case of unpredictable and unfortunate circumstances that may arise before or during your trip. Given that you are going to an event that will have huge crowds and a lot of pre-planning involved, mitigating your risk will be advisable. For example, Stampedes in crowded areas can be an unforeseen circumstance.

Note: Most travel insurance policies do not cover acts of terrorism.

b. Expensive cities

Also, UK can be expensive. Period! Therefore, it's safer to spend a few bucks on an international travel insurance, than bear the financial and personal brunt on unpredictable circumstances that may spring up during your time there! 

c. Visa

A travel insurance for UK for Indians isn’t compulsory yet but it fortifies your profile when you apply for the visa. And the last thing you want on a holiday is to be spending beyond your budget

What all does the insurance cover?

Insurance covers you right from before your trip till you’re back. Which includes circumstances like trip cancellation due to an emergency, flight delays, baggage loss and delay, passport loss, thefts, legal issues, accidents and other medical emergencies that may occur unexpectedly in your trip. But there are some benefits that esp. make sense because you’re going for the World Cup.

a. Ticket costs if your trip is cancelled

You plan such trips way in advance, but life has its own course sometimes. In case life plans something negative like your family member being hospitalized or facing death, a trip cancellation benefits makes sure that you are refunded for the non-refundable parts of your booking, which also includes your stadium tickets. Although make sure how much is upper limit or sum insured in your policy under this benefit.

b. Medical treatment costs

You’re amongst strangers, you are in a country other than yours and you are going for an event that will have thousands of people. This could be a recipe of an injury or accident and the last thing you would want is huge medical bills. This benefit makes sure you’re covered for such expenses in such scenarios. And not only during the match, even when you are loafing around the city.

c. Compassionate family visit & Escort of Minor Child

If you’re travelling alone and are hospitalized God Forbid, a compassionate family visit makes sure you have a caretaker flown in for support. Also if you’re travelling with a kid and need to kid to be flown back home when you’re in the hospital, the Escort of Minor Child benefit makes sure that is arranged for. So in both scenarios, there’s a cover that will protect you.

d. Loss of Passport

In a foreign country, you don’t have a name, you have a passport! And if that’s lost, you’re in tough spot. This benefit makes sure that help and advice is provided to you in such situations and charges against the application for an emergency certificate and a new passport application are covered for.

Apart from these, all the regular benefits are of course for your protection. But these are the ones which probably are lesser known but more beneficial in case you are travelling for the matches.

How to compare different International Insurance Policies 

Whilst comparing travel quotes from different travel insurances for UK, make sure you are aware of the following: 
a. The medical benefits available and the limit of the Sum Insured for each 
b. Terms of claims. A lot of times, the terms can be tricky and very rare- that despite the benefit, you’ll never really be able to claim it. 
c. The claims process by checking the company’s previous claim records. After all, that’s the whole point of an insurance, right? 

Precautions when you’re travelling

·       Beware of pickpockets and common scams such as ATM scams (be alert while you withdraw money), ticket scams (don’t get lured into buying any tickets from random people, esp. not the last minute match ones) and avoid leaving any belongings in your car if you’re using one.

·       Make sure you have a valid international driving license if you’re looking at doing a road trip during your stay after or before the series begins. 

·       You can also download the UK based app citizenAID during your stay, an app that includes advice and immediate actions in case of any incidents and emergencies there. 

·       Also check the local weather forecast when you head out for the day.

Indian Embassy in UK

It’s always handy to have the contact number of the Indian embassy. The Indian Embassy for UK is in London. 
Contact number: 020 7836 8484

What more to see & do when you’re gone for the World Cup
Whether you’re traveling for the World Cup or not, UK is an incredibly diverse nation, with a range of places to visit. From the cultural hub in London to the lush green countryside's of Scotland and Wales, there’s a long list of things to do; no matter what kind of traveler you may be. 

1.     Enchanting Historic Monuments 
Visit the many ancient castles, towers and monuments the UK has preserved. Some must visits include The Tower of London, Stonehenge, The Edinburgh Castle and St Paul’s Cathedral.

2.     Iconic Literary Spots 
Delve into all things literary as UK is home to many literary landmarks and attractions such as the Charles Dickens Musuem, the famous Harry Potter Tour, The Shakespeare Globe and Jane Austen’s city of Bath, amongst many other bookish places!

3.     The Dynamic South Bank  
Wander about in the heart of London. The South Bank is always bustling with energy, with a host of festivals, restaurants, pubs and the beautiful river Thames!

4.     The Royal Hyde Park
Stroll around the royal Hyde park, the perfect place to unwind and relax!

5.     Diverse Art Galleries and Musuems  
Treat your right brain to a range of beautiful art galleries and museums present all over England.

6.     The Famous London Eye 
Take a complete 360-degree view of the beautiful city, a must for all tourists 🙂  

7.     Picturesque and GOT Famous Northern Ireland 
Take a ferry to Northern Ireland and be spellbound by the country’s many captivating sights, which also includes the many locations of where GOT was shot!

8.     Captivating Scotland 
Take a trip up north to one of the most beautiful countries in UK, famous for its lakes, hill-top castles and vibrant cultural scene.

9.     Marvel at the Jurassic Coast 
Walk through time at the mesmerizing south coast of England, which is also the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage site today.

10.  Wondrous Wales  
Get right into a fairytale on visiting Wales, known for its enchanting coastline, beautiful mountains and popular hiking trails.


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