Digit is all set to fly high with Cleartrip

Team Digit, 05 Jan 2018

There’s a certain amount of joy every time you visit Cleartrip to make your travel plans. The clean interface, the clutter-free experience – everything is just so…simple!

Did we say ‘simple’? Well, wherever there is ‘simple’, there is also Digit.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Digit has joined hands with Cleartrip to offer travel insurance. It’s a match made in travel heaven. Their easy to use platform and our easy to understand policies complement each other perfectly.

Travel Insurance in India has been a hit-and-miss until now. With people either not seeing the value in it and hence not purchasing – or worse yet, being misled about its benefits. We have decided to change all of that, starting from the ground up.

Next time you visit Cleartrip to make your booking, make sure you tick the ‘Buy Digit Insurance’ box and read what is on offer. You’ll know what we mean. For instance, did you know that most travel insurance companies cover flight delays only from 6 hours onward? Realistically, how many flights you’ve been on have been delayed by more than 6 hours? Digit travel insurance bites off a big chunk of this draconian policy, and covers flight delays starting from 75 minutes and up.

Plus, the paperwork! That remnant of an archaic time that never seems to go away. We’ve taken care of that too. With a name like Digit, you’d expect us to be digital in every possible way. So if your flight is delayed, we auto-detect it, send you an sms to make a claim (yes, we ourselves will do that?). All you need to do is take a picture of your boarding pass and send it to us, we’ll take it from there.

There are many more pleasant surprises to discover once you experience Digit travel insurance. And now that we have partnered with Cleartrip, we are all set to delight travelers with an insurance product that’s designed to make travel memorable, exciting and hassle-free. No more excess baggage on the mind.

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