Why are authorised repair centres more expensive?

Team Digit, 06 Jun 2018

Thought you got yourself a sweet deal by sending your car to the friendly neighbourhood mechanic for repairs or servicing as the authorized ones were too expensive? Well, here’s why the latter charge you a premium. You can then choose for yourself where would you like to send your car.

Original spare parts   

Let’s face it: You may think you’re a car aficionado but do you really know what’s going on inside? Often, repair work requires spare parts to be changed. Sometimes, local garages purchase parts from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They might also focus on repairs by using child parts instead of replacing the complete assembly.

With an authorised service centre, you needn’t lose sleep over the authenticity of spare parts. Superior quality spare parts work efficiently and last longer, thus giving you more value for money over time.

 ‘Quality and training’ purpose

A dealership is a service centre authorised by the automobile manufacturer. So, the technicians and mechanics are trained by the car company itself. You know where we’re going with this, aren’t you? Often, these highly-skilled technicians are privy to exclusive information and knowledge pertaining to the specific car brand or model. So, once you’ve sent your car for servicing, you can sit back and breathe easy.

Last words: Some local repair shops are known for their quality of repairs and in which case, we suggest you take an Advance Cash from us to get your repairs done. But if you don’t completely trust the local guy, the premium you pay to an authorized service centre is worth it, from a quality assurance point of view, after all, you have an expensive car so why compromise on the quality of what goes inside it. 

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