In case of a lost passport, your travel insurance can help!

Team Digit, 03 Nov 2018

A passport is not just a very important travel document but also a highly cherished one. It is almost like a private journal of your travels over the years. Flipping through its pages can bring back happy memories of all your travels.

But what if you lose your passport while you are travelling in another country? Without it, you cannot travel back to your own country, or to another country. You must get it replaced before travelling any further. This can be a big problem. But if you have our travel insurance, you can recover the money you spend to get a new passport and make life a little easier for yourself.

Imagine you are travelling abroad and you have a lost passport. Or it gets stolen! Losing an important document is everyone’s worst nightmare. And there is no document more important than your passport while you are travelling abroad.

With a lost passport, you are stuck in the country you’re in. You can neither travel onward to the next country on your itinerary, nor go back home. And replacing your passport can be a tiresome process. But if you have Digit Travel Insurance, not only will we guide you through the process of obtaining a replacement passport but also reimburse you for the expenses incurred by you in replacing your lost passport.

What do I do when I realise my passport is missing?

Losing your passport sucks! But it is not the end of the world. The first thing to do once you realise your passport is lost or stolen is to report it to the police and request a written police report.

Once you have reported your passport missing, you can use the police report to get a duplicate passport or an emergency travel document from the nearest Indian consulate or embassy.

Contact us on the Travel Assistant Helpline and we can guide you through the process of how to obtain a temporary or emergency passport including the address of the nearest Indian embassy or consulate. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event that we don’t respond immediately, we will call you back in less than 10 minutes!

What does Digit’s Travel Insurance cover?

In addition to guiding you through the process, Digit will also pay you for the cost of replacing your lost passport. The expenses that can be claimed include:

1.      The prescribed fee payable to the concerned authorities at the place of loss for issue of an emergency certificate for you to carry on with your journey and/or return to India.

2.      A fixed sum of USD 50 towards any and all incidental expenses that might be incurred by you in connection with obtaining the emergency certificate. For example, we can pay you for the cab fare to the Indian embassy or consulate and back. Just make sure you keep a receipt of the cab fare.

3.      The application fee payable to the concerned authorities in India to get a duplicate passport provided the entire amount is paid in Indian rupees.

What precautions can I take before I travel?

There are a couple of things you can do before you travel to make your life easier should you lose your passport on your travels.

First, take photocopies of your passport and visa and keep it in a place separate from where you keep your passport. You can also keep a copy of the documents on your phone. But just in case your phone is also stolen or lost along with your passport, email yourself a copy of your passport and visa before you start your journey. That way, you can log in to your email account wherever you are and print out a copy of the documents.

Another thing that can come in handy should you lose your passport is a list of Indian consulates and embassies and their address and phone number in all the countries you will be visiting on your travels. Of course, our travel helpline is also open 24/7 to help you with the process.

And lastly, and most importantly, make sure you purchase Digit Comprehensive Travel Insurance before you travel! Our comprehensive travel insurance automatically includes the loss of passport cover. In case you are not buying our comprehensive insurance, do remember to add the loss of passport cover separately. Digit Travel Insurance not only protects you in case you lose your passport, it also protects you against a wide variety of other risks when you travel.

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