Why should you opt for maternity coverage with your first health insurance?

Team Digit, 24 Nov 2018

Every would-be-parent has it all planned for their new born way before they bring it in the world. Right from setting up the room, deciding the wall colours to saving up money for the kid’s future. But something that would-be-parent’s quite often miss out on planning, is the tumultuous expenses involved for a delivery. After all, delivery charges in India are touching the sky by the day.

A caesarean delivery on an average costs around Rs. 50,000 in India.

Parents’ generally go through a complete emotional roller coaster with excitement and anxiety on the rise for the new phase. And in such a time, managing finances should be the last thing on their mind. And this can be taken care by opting for a maternity coverage while buying health insurance.

Here are some of the important things to know about maternity coverage in your health insurance

How can I buy take maternity coverage?

Maternity coverage can be bought with your health insurance policy, as an add-on. Some health insurance policies have an in built maternity cover.

Can I buy maternity coverage when I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, maternity coverage is considered as a Pre-existing condition  by health insurers and hence have a waiting period. So, your maternity coverage might not activate immediately if you take it during pregnancy.

What all is covered in maternity coverage in health insurance?

A maternity coverage takes care of all expenses related to a child birth, right from pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses, delivery charges, vaccination charges for the new born, any emergencies arising of a complication of child birth.

What is the waiting period for maternity coverage?

Generally, the waiting period differs from one insurer to another. It ranges from 2 years to 4 years. So, if your waiting period is 2 years for maternity coverage, that means you will have to wait for 2 years from the day your policy starts to avail benefits of maternity coverage.

 When should I opt for maternity coverage?

Ideally maternity coverage should be opted with the first health insurance policy, so you overcome all waiting periods when you are about to start a family. If you haven’t taken this benefit with your first policy, you can opt for it right before you decide to settle down or get married. So, you can avail this when you are actually planning a baby.

Is pregnancy termination covered in maternity coverage?

Often due to unfortunate reasons, the pregnancy might need to be terminated, and that is quite expensive as well. Your maternity coverage includes expenses for medically necessary termination procedures too. Also, treatment related to any complications out of pregnancy or childbirth is also covered.

Is 2nd childbirth also covered in maternity coverage?

Yes, up to two child births are covered in your maternity insurance of health insurance. Often for the 2nd child, the Sum Insured is increased by the health insurer.

Can single parents, divorcees and widows take a maternity insurance?

Yes, they can. Health insurers do not require proof of marriage to provide maternity coverage as a benefit.

Is the new born baby covered in the maternity coverage?

Yes, your new born baby is covered up to 90 days since birth in the maternity insurance, where treatment for any illness or emergency for the new born is covered and also for vaccinations.

What all is not covered in the maternity coverage?

These are not covered in maternity coverage

  • Non-allopathic treatment costs
  • Consultation fees
  • Regular check-ups
  • Medicine costs
  • Termination of pregnancy (under 12 weeks)
  • Expenses related to self-inflicted injuries, drug use or alcohol
  • AIDS treatment-related expenses
  • Dental treatment expenses
  • In-vitro fertilisation and infertility-related expenses
  • Pre-natal and post-natal expenses that do not require hospitalization
  • Expenses incurred for harvesting and storage of stem cells

So, we see taking a maternity coverage is being one step ahead when you plan to start your family. It ensures both the mother and the baby are fit, fine and glowing with joy! 😊

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