Heard of Nomophobia?

Team Digit, 25 Jan 2019

From the first day you held it in your hands, your smartphone has been your constant companion. Your interaction with your phone is so intense, you might as well be in a relationship! And what happens if your phone plans to go on a break? We can already smell your fear, its called Nomophobia.

So, we thought we shouldn’t just pop in your life only when something wrong happens to your phone. We should be there all along, to warn you against the common ways people shatter their hearts, we mean their phones ☹.

Kids, I tell you!
If you have children and a smartphone under the same roof, the one thing you need to ensure is that they never meet each other!  There’s nothing quite as exciting as a smartphone to a toddler—more so, when it’s out of bounds. And when it comes to your phone, they are at their most excited selves (games, cartoons and what not). As much as you like them being happy, you don’t want them using your phone with their butter fingers! Your best bet? Keep them away! 

Work out much?
Picture this: you are taking a leisurely stroll in the park, while talking on your phone. You are so engrossed in the conversation that you pay no heed to the obstacles on your path and all of a sudden, you trip on a rock and Bam! Your hands go forward to save you from falling flat on your face and consequently your smartphone becomes the victim and crack goes the screen! Wasn’t it a better idea to keep your phone in your pocket or a sling bag, instead?

Toiling hard to buy it, just to drop it in the toilet?
The next time you visit the washroom, just don’t take your phone with you. Multitasking is best avoided when you’re in the toilet. Your smartphone is not meant to take ‘pressures’ of this kind. Remember, if the screen cracks, so will your heart!

Dinner dud
Liquid damage is the worst thing that can happen to your smartphone because it guarantees trouble. And so, it’s with good reason that we say your smartphone does not belong on the dining table. At some point, you drop your phone from the table and your screen goes for a toss- exactly why your phone needs to be as far away as possible. Btw, it also gives you some good, real conversation time with your folks, minus the phone.

Though there are various precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent or alleviate phone damage. Think screen guards, a sturdy case or keeping it in a zip lock pouch during monsoon.

But, what happens when the damage is already done?

When any of the above situations strike, the first thing we are likely to do is resort to getting in touch with the manufacturer to know your options, only to find that nothing can be done. We all know that the manufacturers’ warranty has many limitations- the biggest being they don’t cover screen breakage! Next if you have a mobile insurance, you would think that you are covered. But unfortunately, all of these are Contributory Negligence and you wouldn’t be covered for it!

Shocked? Such is life ☹

But don't worry, in cases where the fault is not yours, your mobile insurance will be your rock! So what does a Digit mobile insurance cover?

If your screen breaks due to

-          Accidental Damage, if by chance your mobile gets damaged during an accident

-          Mechanical and electrical breakdown, if your screen stops abruptly due to an electrical failure.

Also, at Digit, we cover the IMEI and not the user, so if accidentally someone else damages your phone, well you’re still covered. And what’s more, we also give you upfront cash for repairs!

So, now avoid the traps that leaves your phone vulnerable and let your mobile insurance cover your phone for times when the fault is not yours! After all we know, how important your phone is to you!

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