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Team Digit, 16 Jan 2019

Google “Bangalore’s traffic” and you’ll find countless memes. Though there are funny, they aren’t exaggerated as they seem to be. The struggle of steering through Indian roads every day is real. This struggle isn’t limited to one or two cities. As India is rapidly growing, smart cities are mushrooming in every state. Adding to that, with the population on the rise, navigating Indian roads has become a herculean task.

The road infrastructure in India is still under construction if you know what I mean. In cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, potholes in roads are one of the primary causes of accidents; no exaggeration here. According to the stats, potholes in Indian roads have resulted in about 9300 deaths over a period of three years. This information isn’t to scare you away, just to understand Indian roads.

Also, roads in India can be narrow in some places or crammed with traffic at times which makes it difficult to navigate through. The major road transport in India are buses, autos, private two-wheeler, and four-wheelers and cabs. Ola and Uber have turned tables in India especially for people who commute to work on a daily basis. But is there a better way to navigate Indian roads and avoid the traffic jams in peak hours?

Here are some Android apps which will be of great help for the struggling times on Indian roads:

1.    Google maps

2.    TomTom GO

3.    Mapfactor: GPS Navigation

4.    Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps

5.    Maps by MapmyIndia

The word “apps” got us all curious right? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Google Maps:

·       Who doesn’t have this app installed and running already? Even if one doesn’t travel by his/her vehicle, they might have notice Ola/Uber drivers using google maps to guide them.

·       Marking the streets and lanes in India is not a piece of cake. However, Google Maps generates specific codes which help the users to locate and add the un-mapped address on the app.

·       Once the user sets the “from and to” addresses, this google app provides the route with less traffic and the user can navigate through streets also. This directs the user to use shortcuts instead of being stuck in the main road traffic.

·       For those who use public transport, Maps provides them with all the possible bus numbers. As of for pedestrians, the app provides accurate directions and distance.

·       Also, the app is trying to meet the diverse needs of Indians; the app is available in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages as of now.

·       Touch, hold and add the pin. Locating a place with Google Maps is that easy. Saving various addresses is also easy in the app.

·        The app is being constantly being updated to enhance user experience.

TomTom GO:

·       This might be an expensive choice for many but is a lifetime investment.

·       But TomTom Go is a feature-packed navigation device. The device offers hands-free calling, voice control and is compatible with Siri voice recognition software and Google Now™ service.

·       It automatically tracks the most visited places of the user and is perfect for the adrenaline junkies with its the ability to track mountains, coastal roads, etc.

Mapfactor: GPS Navigation

·       This turn-by-turn GPS navigation app offers offline maps in about 200 countries.

·       The app flaunts some cool features like speed limits, camera warnings, voice navigation, and so on.

·       It offers several waypoints on a particular route and has a collection of point of interests for the user.

·       Personal routes of every user can be customized and saved including details like U-turns and toll roads.

Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps

·       Sygic stands out among the navigation apps primarily for its CarPlay support.

·       Without any need for additional equipment, the Sygic app enables the user to project the map on the car screen.

·       Once the premium is paid, the app offers the license of decent features like offline maps, speed limits, voice navigation, route sharing, traffic information and so on.

·       We all know how our Indian government likes to raise fuel prices every now and then. This app provides the user with updates on fuel prices which is essential.

Maps by MapmyIndia

·       The talk is that a Delhi-based navigation company is all set to overtake Google.

·       Apart from regular maps, MapmyIndia equips the user with geo-demographic data of a given area. For instance, if one is planning to start a business in a particular place, this app’s unique feature comes in handy.

·       MapmyIndia provides the population density, approximate monetary capabilities of the people in the given area, a 3D visualization of roads, and parking spaces.

·       The eLoc feature of MapmyIndia helps the user locate door-step level addresses. That is, the user can get turn-by-turn directions to the exact doorstep with 6-character code generated by the app. This is something we would have thought to be impossible.

·       Also, the founders of the navigation firm are clever enough to address the privacy concerns beforehand. Remember what happened with Facebook? The user can choose the eLoc codes to be private or public, and even in the public mode, it doesn’t share any personal information of the user.

Use these apps and devices for smart driving, which is the best way to navigate Indian roads. Potholes, traffic violating bad citizens are also major problems on Indian roads. Play it safe; wear your helmet or seatbelt.

And also, to add an extra layer of protection, don’t forget to take a car insurance!

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