How taking a leap of faith worked great for me!

Team Digit, 07 Nov 2017

As they say — Don’t listen to what they say — Go See. So I did.

The last few years I have been lucky, as work took me across borders to the wonderful land of Greece and Munich — the home of the global insurance giant Allianz.

Travelling and working with different nationalities, exploring their cultures has been both challenging yet elating. One comes to realize that we are so different yet similar.

Moving across markets — the one thing that I realized was how the insurance sector ran parallel — the same concerns.. Similar trials.. — Boiling down to one generic conclusion that the majority of customers not happy paying for insurance. It is still considered a necessary evil.

I have always wondered why the perception of insurance is so negative when it actually is meant to be for social good.

But change seems to be around the corner as new insur-tech companies are popping around the globe & challenging the status quo in the sector.

And I think that technology would be the game changer when it comes to improving the customer experience. Most of us are moving from conventional to online buying — whether it is tickets, banking & even ordering grocery.

A year back when I got an opportunity to be a part of a new company, which was launching in India, I did not think twice. Knowing the team behind & how good they were, coupled with the philosophy that they set out with, deciding to move back to India did not take long. It seemed to be a very small trade-off for what lay ahead.

We are here to create something which hits home with customers. Walt Disney said it best, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

As I manoeuvre my way through the maddening traffic and sigh at the prospect of spending hours on the road, I can't help but smile. But like me, all others who are a part of this great team are more focused & energized to build something meaningful & this is a great motivation for all of us.

And as for the traffic, I think I’ll just choose to walk for now!

We are excited about taking this new journey. If you are interested to know more about us follow us on LinkedIn.

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