The road from hate to happiness is simple

Team Digit, 26 Mar 2018

Remember the last time you flipped when things were just not working for you? Soon, that frustration just turned into an indifferent ‘whatever!’, right?

Well, it seems that’s what insurance, too, does for many a customer. It’s eyeball-rolling, followed by ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’, followed by ‘I don’t give a @#$%!’.

When we set out to make insurance right, we thought we’d start by asking our customers to lay it all on us; their frustrations, their tragedies and their angst. We didn’t just want to know where they were coming from – we wanted to really steep ourselves in their pain-points, put ourselves in their shoes – and then figure out why insurance has faced so much hate over the years. And boy, did we hit the jackpot of rants!

Asked to voice their displeasure about the state of affairs in the world of insurance, customers responded with a stream of woes, expressed as sarcastic ‘#InsuRants’. At Digit, we knew we had our task cut out.

From darkness to light.
Once we got a load of customers’ utter discontent, we knew there was only one thing left to do – conceptualize insurance products that were simple, and relevant. We wanted customers to know that we were on their side. With solutions that were straight to the point; easy to understand policies with no fine-print or jargon, simple to follow claims procedures, and customer-service that wasn’t just a delight to interact with, but also offered an empathetic ear.  So, how has it worked, you ask? Going by the number of ‘insurants’ who are now a part of the Digit pool of customers, we’d say we’re on the right track.

Ear to the ground: always
At Digit, we’re listening hard. Our #InsuRant campaign is the first step towards reinventing insurance.

We needed to know what our customers went through, if only to make sure we never make the same mistakes. Their rants are our Holy Grail. We’ll decipher them to find the best solutions.

And we’re not just stopping at rants, either. We’re offering a small simplicity survey, where our customers can share their pain-points and suggestions with us. Once rage finds an outlet, the next step is clarity. Who better than our customers to help us chart the way – from simple, to simpler, to simplest!

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Team Digit

Digit is a General Insurance company on a mission to Make Insurance Simple for people. We are backed by Fairfax, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

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