What is Third Party Car Insurance and How to Claim under it?

Team Digit, 03 Jul 2018

When you look at your insurance policy for car insurance or bike insurance, you are baffled by the number of jargons and choose a defence mechanism of selective retention. But if only we understood them in the simplest possible way, they would save us from a lot of hassle! After all, knowledge is power!

So, let’s take the first step and understand one jargon at a time. Let’s start with Third Party Insurance for your car insurance policy. 

Third Party Insurance. Has this term always confused you about what it means and how you can use it at the time of claims for car insurance?

Don’t worry! Let us de-jargonize third party insurance with respect to car insurance.

What is third party insurance?

To start with, it’s a motor insurance policy or car insurance policy that covers a person at a loss or has suffered material damage because of you. It’s a basic cover for anyone taking to the road in a motor vehicle and is compulsory by law.

What is covered in Third Party Insurance for car insurance?

- Personal Damage to Third Party

If a person loses life in an accident, a certain claim money is offered under the third party insurance. Or in case of a physical injury, everything from minor cuts to major fractures is covered.

-  Property Damage Compensation

In case a damage occurs to someone’s car, house or any property, the owner is covered for the loss. 

How to make a car insurance claim under the Digit’s Third Party Insurance?

- If you ever meet with an accident (hope that never happens) and you make an car insurance claim with us, we take care of any legal responsibilities arising out of that. That includes advocates, investigations and any verification.

- If there’s a compensation, we take care of it on your behalf as your policy comes with unlimited Third-Party Cover with your car insurance policy.

- And if there’s no violation of terms, we will try for a non-monetary settlement on your behalf. If the situation arises, Digit Insurance will represent you in court.

- Most importantly, if you’ve been a good citizen and have admitted your fault for any kind of negligence, your Digit Third Party cover will still hold good.

- Also, you do not lose your NCB, the No Claim Bonus, when you claim under the Third-Party Insurance part of your car insurance policy or bike insurance policy.

That was so simple and easy, right? But imagine, had you not known about it you would have lost out on something so important (we take a bow 😊).

Keep our first-hand information handy about the third party cover. And remember, the Third-Party Insurance saves you from the stress of road rage and traffic fights!


Explain it like I'm five

We're making insurance so simple, now even 5-year-olds can understand it.

Rohan rides his cycle to school everyday. One day, while parking his cycle he accidentally bumps into one of his classmates' cycle. Rohan gets super scared because the there are damages to the cycle. He calls his dad for help. His dad talks to his classmate and promises to pay for the repairs.

This is quite like what happens if you have a Third Party Liability Cover! 

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