How to keep your phone shining and ringing

Team Digit, 29 Sep 2018

Imagine you are about to board a flight. You are sipping coffee and accidently a co-passenger nudges your elbow; the entire coffee spills on the phone and it stops working. Won’t you start feeling restless without the phone?

Or, you’ve just had lunch with a client at a restaurant. On the way back to office, you realise that you forgot your phone in the cab. Won’t you feel something missing from your life?

Our mobile phone has become like an extended part of us and staying away from it even for a short while makes us feel uncomfortable. Now that it occupies an important place in our life, doesn’t it deserve some love and care?

So here are some cool tips:

- Keep your phone away from the harshness of sun and rain. Avoid keeping it on the dashboard of the car, as heat and moisture can damage sensitive electronic circuit boards.

- If your phone has gotten wet, wipe it dry soon. For it may be water-resistant, but it may not be water-proof. Also, if the phone is totally wet, don't switch it on immediately as water may damage internal parts.

- To prevent the phone from damage or malfunctioning, never install modified parts. Like, trying to replace a non-removable battery or upgrading the RAM, just like geeks try to do. Any kind of modification to the phone can make the insurance invalid.

- Avoid storing (and using) your phone in dusty or dirty places to prevent the damage of key components. Like using it inside a factory with a lot of dust around. Or, taking it to the loo, which also means the risk of the phone falling into the commode.

- Do not keep your phone at a place where the temperature is high or where there’s a risk of overheating. Never place the phone near a microwave or a gas stove, as these are high temperature zones and can prove dangerous.

- Avoid chemicals and detergents to clean the phone. Use a soft cloth, preferably a slightly damp one. As such, wiping your device regularly with a moist microfiber cloth is enough to eliminate many kinds of common bacteria.

- Be mindful of how you carry the phone. Carrying it in the front or back pocket of your jeans may cause it to fall out. Importantly, it is regarded as contributory negligence and could lead to rejection of your claim in case of loss.

- If you accidentally drop your phone in water, never use a hair-dryer to dry the phone's internal moisture, as the heat from a hairdryer is too hot. It can damage the delicate electronic parts in the device. Instead, keep it in a bag of uncooked rice for a day.

- Be careful of how you protect your phone from water. In case your smartphone falls in water, switch it off as soon as you take it out. Then wipe it dry immediately. Do not put it on charging as this will cause a short circuit and extensive damage. Also, do not push any cable into any of the ports, as this could damage the device

- Importantly, it helps to protect your phone with a mobile insurance cover, as it can reduce your financial burden in case something goes wrong. But do remember that any occurrences of contributory negligence, like losing your phone in a cab, putting your jeans to wash with your phone in it, or instances where your negligence is the cause of loss are damage, will not be covered by mobile insurance.

Why it helps to have a Mobile Insurance to keep your phone shining?

- Safeguards it from theft, robbery and most kind of damages for mobile internal parts.

- You can get a replacement of the same make or model after evaluating for wear and tear , age and condition.

To know more about Mobile Insurance Covers, here’s a handy guidebook!

So you see, how a few simple steps by you, can take your phone a long way.

Explain it like I'm five

We're making insurance so simple, now even 5-year-olds can understand it.

Best friends Ravi and Amit are neighbours, and also study in the same school. They do everything together – everything from watching movies, playing Scrabble, studying for exams, hanging out and going to school. They even own the same digital watch as a  gift on their birthday!

One day, they decide to play football in the neighbourhood sports ground. Just as they leave home, a heavy rain starts. While Ravi puts his digital watch in a plastic pouch, Amit keeps his in the shirt pocket. After reaching the ground, Ravi realizes that his watch has got really wet and isn’t working, while Amit’s watch is fine.

If Amit had also put his watch in a pouch, it probably wouldn’t have got damaged. Ravi took special care of his watch.

Just like Ravi you love your phone too,  so here are some tips for you to take special care of your phone! 

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