How to Keep Your Car Safe in Bumper to Bumper Traffic

Team Digit, 17 Jan 2019

From the time we get a job, we aspire to buy our dream car.

The freedom of transportation, the added luxury of a vehicle and the ease with which all areas in a city are accessible are only possible through the ownership of a car. 

However, traffic is a common phenomenon in all urban and metropolitan cities around the world. People who drive themselves from one destination to another need to get accustomed to the way that others drive and the different scenarios of driving. Traffic jams are common, and there are different ways in which an individual tackles. It is said that the way in which a person drives through a traffic jam is a show of their character as well.

There are some smart decisions that are needed to be made when an individual is driving in traffic. Some of the fundamental rules for all drivers to follow when they find themselves stuck in traffic include:

  • For a driver who is changing lanes in the midst of a traffic jam, it is important for them to use their indicators properly. Either through blinkers or a hand gesture, the action must be notified to other drivers well in advance to avoid road accidents.
  • Drivers who find themselves in the midst of a traffic jam should always check all their mirrors and their blind spots before making any turn or merging between lanes.
  • Drivers should keep their focus on the road in front of them or the traffic which is in front of them and not gets distracted easily.
  • Moving your car in the same way that the other cars are moving is important. Cars should have enough gap between one another to separate them, and drivers should brake according to the flow of traffic.
  • Drivers should never drive aggressively or under the influence of stress of any kind in the middle of a traffic jam as it leads to aggressive driving and constant lane changes that bothers the overall flow of the traffic jam itself.
  • For drivers who are on the road, GPS and other apps make it easier for them to judge the amount of traffic on the road beforehand to avoid high traffic areas.

Those drivers who effectively follow these set of guidelines during a traffic jam are the ones who generally direct their vehicle scratch free. Carefully guiding a car out of a traffic jam is a skill that all drivers need to learn and master.

Driving safely through each day is the only way in which a car can be kept in a prim and proper condition. The condition of a vehicle over time is a result of the way in which it has been driver over the same period of time. Many-a-times, the condition of a vehicle is a reflection of the way in which the owner of the vehicle keeps it, the way it is being driven and the ultimate purpose for the vehicle itself.

Owning a comprehensive car insurance is one important way to protect your vehicle from damage and road rage!

So, don't forget to protect your car with a car insurance policy!

Team Digit

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