When was the last time you experienced a ‘phone-attack?

Team Digit, 29 Jun 2019


That’s how close to our hearts our mobile phones are. And when we drop our mobile, blame it on our butter fingers or the slippery sheen-finish of today’s mobile phones, that’s probably the closest we could get to experiencing a heart attack! We eventually try and protect our phones by using screen guards, which doesn’t ‘really’ protect our screen. Besides it spoils the looks of our beautiful phone and, not to mention, hampers the sensitivity of our touchscreen!

We all rely on our smartphones so much that damaging them can seem like the end of the world. For one, today's smartphones don’t come cheap! For example, an iPhone screen can cost you up to 40,000 if damaged! So, it’s no surprise that when you drop your phone, you immediately experience symptoms of Nomophobia.

And, believe it or not, the symptoms of a ‘phone-attack’ are very similar to those of a heart attack! So, read on to know how the symptoms are uncannily similar!

  • Increased heart rate: When your phone slips from your hand, your blood pressure shoots through the roof!
  • Cold sweat: You start sweating profusely. This happens because of your increased blood pressure!
  • Shortness of breath: The sheer shock that your phone has slipped through your hand will make you breathless!
  • Trembling: Your hands start to shiver when you go to pick up your beloved phone that’s already hit the ground, and you haven’t seen the damage yet!
  • Panic: When you notice that your beloved phone’s screen has broken!
  • Depression: For obvious reasons!

But guess what, just like a defibrillator that revives one from a ‘heart attack’, we have a brilliant solution to revive you from a ‘phone-attack’! And we call it Mobile Insurance! 😊

Digit's Mobile Insurance covers your broken phone screen, bringing it back to the pink of health! 😊 Check out Digit’s Mobile Insurance here.

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