Five ways Digit Travel Insurance has your back on your holiday

Team Digit, 25 Jan 2019

It’s the age of millennials, and we’re always crunched for time. There is just always so much to do! That includes planning a holiday as well. 

Once you have your destination figured out,

  • there are tickets to be booked
  • leaves to be applied for
  • finances to be figured out

And the list just goes on!

After you painstakingly do all of that and are dying to just take off on that holiday, fate sometimes has a way of ruining it all. It’s painful, but such is life.

That’s where we come in. We do things to ease out that misery when your travel plans get messed up. Here’s how:

Dreadful delays
How frustrating it is when you enter the airport all excited just to find that your flight is delayed!

Now, most travel insurance providers reimburse you only if the delay is of 6 hours or more for domestic travel. We are different, though!

We cover you for flight delays starting from 75 minutes for domestic travel. Now, although having to wait longer for your flight is no fun at all, you at least get reimbursed for the misery! And that too, your claims registered automatic. Just as your flight delays by even a minute, we register your claim from our end and send you an SMS. All you must do is share a photo of your boarding pass and your bank details!

So, get your book out and treat yourself to a gourmet coffee at the airport!

Missing the flight altogether
Some of us just have it worse than others. Like a nasty jinx, the delayed flight could end up making you miss your connecting flight. You are tired after waiting at the airport—and just when you get on your flight, you realise you’ll miss your connecting flight!

We got your back here, buddy. Digit travel insurance reimburses you for missing the connecting flight, if your previous flight gets delayed by more than 75 minutes.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel!

Out-of-the-blue hospitalisation

The last thing you want when you’re on a holiday is to be sitting on a hospital bed in an unknown city.

However, our travel insurance offers you some solace. In case you end up needing to be hospitalised while on a holiday, Digit has you covered.

  • Treatment costs
  • Room fees
  • Medical Bills
  • Diagnostics
  • And any other expenses involved with your hospitalization!

You can just focus on getting better and not worry about the finances.

Baggage woes

This is a rather common travel misery that most of us have had to deal with. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter this, Digit has your back.

While most insurers cover your baggage delay for 6 hours or more, we cover you if your baggage is delayed even for 2 hours. Isn’t that a relief?

And if the ill luck of losing your baggage altogether befalls you, don’t scrunch your face yet. Really, don’t, because our travel policies cover you for that as well! And what’s more, you don’t have to give us bills of individual items inside your baggage. We give you a flat benefit based on the number of bags lost!

Jinxed cancellations
Here’s the king of bummers that could ruin your travel plan: if you had to cancel your flight due to an emergency of some sort and your holiday went for a toss.

In such cases we cover the pre-booked, non-refundable expenses of your trip, if your trip gets cancelled due to the following:

• Emergency hospitalization or death of the insured person or an immediate family member or travelling companion.

• You are summoned by court and its date falls within the travel


• Damage to your home destination or travel destination due to a Natural calamity.

• Strike or civil commotion.

• Loss of passport.

We do wish that you have a stress-free, breezy travel experience. But if things do go wrong, you know whom to get in touch with! From delayed baggage to untoward incidents, we’ll figure your travel miseries. Not to mention we have a Worldwide missed call facility!

You give us a missed call at +91-124-6174721 if you are calling from outside India, and at 1800-103-4448 if you are calling from India. We will get back to you in 10 mins, god promise!


Team Digit

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