Let’s revise the chapter, ‘Travel Insurance Terms’.

Team Digit, 05 Sep 2018

Just as we’ve loved simplifying a lot of new terms in our ‘Back to Basics’ drive, we hope even you’ve found it helpful to learn their de-jargonized definitions.

The last couple of days were dedicated to the complicated travel insurance terms,  and shredding the last thread of complexity from them. Here are all the terms under one roof for you to have a quick glance whenever you require!

Pre-Existing Disease (PED)

Any health condition that affected someone 4 years prior to buying an insurance policy. This could be at a stage of symptom, diagnosis or treatment, and could be an ailment or injury

A cycling competition is held in school. All the students that sign up for the competition are told to go through a medical check-up first. One student is found to have sprained his ankle 10 days ago. So, the school tells him that he cannot participate in the competition this month. That’s because the student had a PED!
You are travelling to Dubai and are buying a travel insurance. As part of your policy details, you are asked if you have been suffering from any disease you are on medication or treatment for. You have been suffering from Hypertension for the last 2 years. Now this is your PED.

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Time Excess

Minimum time period that needs to pass, after which you can make a claim. For example, if your travel policy has a time excess of 2 hours for flight delay, you can only claim when your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours.

A kid asks his mother if he can have ice cream. His mother tells him yes, he can - but not right away! She reminds him that he has just eaten his dinner. She tells him that there's a new rule in the house: he can have ice cream only 2 hours after every meal, and not before. In this case 2 hours is 'time excess'.
Say, you’re travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai and your scheduled departure is 7 pm. But your flight has been rescheduled to 8.50 pm. The time excess stated by your airline is 2 hours. You would have been able to claim for the delay if your flight was rescheduled to 9 pm.

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Missed Connection

A situation in which the delay of your one flight leads to you missing the next flight. Your travel insurance covers this provided the layover time is equal to or more than the time excess stated in your policy.

You’re all ready to go to school. You get into the lift. You press the ground floor button – but your lift gets stuck in between floors! It takes one hour for the lift to be repaired so you can get out. By that time, you’ve missed your school bus.Your broken lift led to you missing your school bus – that’s missed connection.
Let’s say, your flight is scheduled to arrive at 6 pm and your connecting flight is scheduled for departure at 7.45 pm. Your first flight got delayed landed only at 7.30 pm, because of which you missed your connecting flight. Now this is your Missed Connection.

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Door-to-Door Cover

A cover that protects you from midnight of the day before check-in date of trip to midnight of the day after your check-out date. It covers you in case your baggage gets lost, if you require accidental treatment or legal assistance while on journey, among other benefits.

Your father plans your birthday trip to a very nice resort. Unfortunately, your flight gets delayed and now you would reach the resort late and your plans for day are hampered. But the resort knows that it is your birthday and doesn’t want it to be ruined for you. So, they pay for all the expenses that your family incurs at the airport, and keeps your room ready as soon as you reach the airport. Not only in the resort, but they take care of you even before you reach there.
Quite like Door to Door coverage!
You are travelling on work from Monday to Friday to Sterling Resorts. While on your way to the airport on Monday morning, your cab hits a divider and you’re severely injured. But since your travel insurance covers you from midnight of Monday to midnight of Friday, you’re covered for all the expenses incurred, by the Door to Door Cover by your policy for anything that happens from the time you’ve left home till the time you back by Friday midnight.

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Compassionate Family Visit

When the insurance covers expenses for an immediate family member to visit the insured if they are sick/injured while on trip. This is in case no adult member of the insured’s immediate family is present when the insured is hospitalized.

A little boy rushes to school in the morning but forgets his lunch box. At lunch time, he realizes that everyone in the school is eating except him! His mother who is at work now, sends her office peon to do go to the school and deliver the lunchbox to her son. However, she pays for the cab ride he takes to go to the school. This visit by the peon is ‘Compassionate Family Visit’!
You are travelling alone to Singapore for a project. As you land there, you fall sick and are hospitalized. Since there is nobody to attend to you, your mom decides to travel to Singapore just to attend to you. Now, the actual cost that includes economy fare, lodging and boarding for the ‘Compassionate Family Visit’ of your mom, is paid for by the insurance company.

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Emergency Hospitalization

When the insured or their travel companion has to be hospitalized for a minimum of 24 hours due to a sudden illness or accident that has occurred during the trip. This will not cover hospitalization due to pre-existing diseases or conditions.

You throw a party for all your friends. One of your friends brings their younger brother with them. In the middle of playing a game, the younger brother falls and sprains his hand. You immediately bring out the first-aid kit in your house and bandage his hand. All your friends at the party help you take him to the hospital.Because in times of trouble, you need ‘Emergency Hospitalization’!
While on your holiday abroad, you get tempted by food there. Unable to control yourself, you try some seafood. But next day, you fall ill and have to be hospitalized for severe stomachache and nausea. Your doctor advises you to stay in the hospital for at least 24 hours to make sure you are fine. This unexpected medical stay is your ‘Emergency Hospitalization’ which covers expenses like hospital room charge, surgery charge, ambulance charge, physician’s fees, lab tests, medicines/drugs, therapeutics, anesthetics, transfusions, etc.

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Now that you know everything needed before travelling, leave your worries behind and travel free!

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