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Team Digit, 01 Feb 2018

Remember the day you bought your car?

Wasn’t it a VIP treatment? We hear that big yes!

But that’s about it, right? After that, it is a normal, mundane life. You are just another driver on the road, wading your way through traffic and people.

And esp. when something happens to your car and you have to claim, VIP treatment is asking for the moon.

Well, maybe that was the case till now. But no more.

We are here to change it. And for that we have partnered with another gamechanger, Policybazaar.

What if we tell you, with Digit, you always get a VIP Care, whether you are buying our car insurance policy or making a claim.

VIP treatment when you make a claim, sounds like an oxymoron? May sound like that, but we have our reasons, read on…

VIP Care

We respect your time and want you to go about your to-do-list, while we take care of your motor insurance. Your policy claim comes with a Pick-up, Repair and Drop service. And this my dear, comes with a 6 months repair warranty (you can bank on us)!

VIP Breakdown Care

Lost in the middle of the road, we got your back. We come to your rescue when you get stuck in situations like a flat battery, loss of car keys or the filmy flat tyre. And we help you with minor repairs, towing facilities, relaying an urgent message to relatives, any medical coordination, fuel assistance and even accommodation benefits (if you need). So basically, we are the good person on the road you search for when something bad happens (well, your good karmas got you to buy our policy 😉 ). Just remember to buy this addon, while buying your car insurance policy!

More Value for Money

The value of your vehicle (any asset for that matter) depreciates with every passing year. But we don’t believe that just to give you a good discount, we should pull down the value of your car. Therefore, we give you a higher IDV (Insured Declared Value) for the same price.

So, if you are even a little impressed or inquisitive and you have your policy renewal around the corner, go check us out on Policybazaar.com. And if you find something that we could do better, let us know. We are all ears, always 😉

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Digit is a General Insurance company on a mission to Make Insurance Simple for people. We are backed by Fairfax, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

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