We know you don’t care about insurance!

Team Digit, 21 Sep 2017

Your day is going well, everything is as usual. You see this post that asks you to help us, Digit, an insurance company. Not a tough choice, ‘Big no’, you say, ‘Why should I even put a second to help these guys?!’.

We know the feeling and we can’t deny that thinking about an insurance company in a positive light, is hard!

But that feeling is our driving fuel, as we are hell bent on making you change your mind?

Let us define ‘Dialogue (verb)’- ‘taking part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem’.

That’s the objective of this initiative, we want to have a ‘dialogue’ with you. We know that we’ve been harping on about ‘Making Insurance, Simple’, a tall task indeed. To fulfil this, we have been meeting consumers, listening to them, their woes with insurance and how can things be made better. And the responses have been fab!

We thought, why not open another ear to hear ‘You’!

‘You’ have experienced, ‘You’ have suffered, ‘You’ know the pinches, so ‘You’ can help us change things.

So, let us do this together. You never know, one brilliant idea may change the whole game, one simple idea can make insurance simple. And trust us, a simplified insurance, will make life little brighter.

We have 2 simple questions that you can answer. Time taken will depend on how deeply you want to contribute.

As soon as your answer drops in, we will be huddling together to discuss it. Isn’t that great?

You don’t have to do it immediately, give it a thought, take your time, come back and click on this link https://goo.gl/Br2hYN. Put your thinking hat on!

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