Top 10 SUV Cars in India

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Comprehensive List of the Best SUV Cars in India in 2020!

A few years ago, Indian consumers barely purchased or considered buying a utility vehicle as compared to the popularity of other car models. However, over the past few years, the SUV market in India has witnessed rapid growth. Between 2018 and 2019, Indians bought 21% more SUVs than in the previous year.

Many reasons contribute to the greater number of SUV cars in India. For instance, these vehicles are capable of navigating even some of the most challenging terrains. Moreover, they are considered safer than hatchbacks and sedans. Lastly, SUVs are the go-to vehicle for owners residing in flood-prone regions of India.

Made up your mind to buy an SUV, have you?

Then here are some of the best options for you in the current Indian market.    

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Top 10 SUV Cars in India

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