Winter’s Grip: Keeping Your Car Safe and Sound

Engine Care

In winter, revving too much can cause motor failure. Take 5 minutes to warm up your car to keep your car running smoothly!

Battery Care

Replace your old car battery before winter. Cold weather drains battery energy used by warmers and headlights.

Replace Old Alternator Belt

A high-pitched sound during car start may indicate a worn alternator belt, especially in winters. Replace it ASAP to avoid further issues.

Care for Your Windows

Defrost car windows by pointing fan, turning up blower's temperature and AC simultaneously to maintain warmth and clear view.

Wiper Care

To prevent damage to your car wipers in winter, heat up the interior before removing them as they often adhere to the windshield.

Tyre Care

Winter air makes tyre pressure drop, which may cause a blowout while driving, leading to accidents. Check tyre pressure before long rides.

Check Your Spark Plug

Winter can crack spark plugs causing vehicle issues. Check and replace plugs before winter.

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