How to Legally Modify Your Car Within the Law in India

Upgrading Car's Tyres

You can upgrade your car's tyres as long as they meet the car maker's specifications.

Changing Car's Colour

Changing your car's colour requires RTO approval and an update to your car's RC.

Upgrading Suspension

To upgrade your car's suspension, make sure to avoid making major changes to the ground clearance.

Body Wrapping

You can wrap your car's body without RTO approval as long as the wrap matches the colour mentioned on the car's RC.

Car Modifications With Body Kits

Car body kits are allowed in India as long as they don't alter the vehicle's structure.

Installing Aftermarket CNG Kits

You can legally install aftermarket CNG kits with RTO approval.

Modifying Engine Within Permissible Limits

Modifying your car's engine within permissible limits is possible, but you must obtain RTO approval first.

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