Comparison of Diesel vs Petrol Cars for Everyday Drivers!


Petrol Car: Typically lower (10-15 km/l); Diesel Car: Generally higher (15-20 km/l)


Petrol Car: Higher horsepower, quicker acceleration; Diesel Car: Higher torque, suitable for towing or hauling

Car Price

Petrol Car: Lower purchase price; Diesel Car: Higher purchase price.

Cost of Fuel

Petrol Car: Expensive per litre than Diesel; Diesel Car: Cheaper per litre than Petrol

Resale Value

Petrol Car: Generally lower; Diesel Car: Generally higher, may depend on market trends

Car Insurance

Petrol Car: Lower premium; Diesel Car: Higher premiums


Petrol Car: Lower CO2 emissions, higher NOx and particulates; Diesel Car: Higher CO2 emissions


Petrol Car: Quieter engine; Diesel Car: Louder engine, more vibration

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