5 Types of Tractors to Meet Different Agricultural Needs!

Utility Tractors

Key Features: Fuel-efficient, sturdy frame and large rear wheels I Applications: Ploughing, cultivating, and mowing.

Row Crop Tractors

Key Features: User-friendly, good row spacing and high horsepower I Applications: Controlling weed, ploughing, and harrowing.

Garden Tractors

Key Features: Weigh less than 1900 kg and Smaller and Large rear wheels I Applications: Mow grass, make flower beds, and take care of your garden.

Orchard Tractors

Key Features: Tall, narrow, and uncovered I Applications: Pruning, mowing, and harvesting.

Implement Carrier Tractors

Key Features: Easily carry, haul, and mount heavy implements I Applications: Drilling, loading, rotary sweeping, and drilling seeds.

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