Did You Know India has 8 Different Types of Number Plates for Vehicles?

White Number Plate

The most common number plate that common citizens can use.

 Yellow Number Plate

Yellow number plates are used by commercial vehicles.

Green Number Plate

The green number plates can only be used for electric vehicles.

 Black Number Plate

Rental vehicles (two-wheeler and four-wheeler) use black number plates with yellow lettering.

Red Number Plate

A red-coloured number plate with white alpha-numerals is used on brand-new cars and usually stays with the vehicle manufacturer or dealer.

 Blue Number Plate

Foreign delegates or ambassadors can only use a blue number plate with white alpha-numerals.

Number Plate with Upward-Pointing Arrow

A number plate having an upward-pointing arrow is used by military officials only.

Red Number Plate with the ‘Emblem of India’

The President of India or Governors of respective states use a red number plate with the ‘Emblem of India.

Driving without a number plate, broken or not properly visible, can fine you ₹2,000 to ₹5,000 in India. Swipe up to discover other rules to keep in mind.