India's Top 10 Road Safety Rules That You Can’t Ignore

Driving on One-Way Roads

Drive in the correct direction on one-ways. Avoid wrong way driving and parking

Cross on Zebra Crossing

Use the zebra crossing to cross a road! The black and white stripes are for your safety.

Animal Safety

Don't harm roaming animals while driving.

Drinking & Driving

Avoid alcohol before driving. Drunk driving is a serious offense in India.

Follow Traffic Lights

Obey traffic signals while driving; cross when the signal shows green to walk.

Slow Down at Intersections

Slow down while entering the main road, crossings, intersections, and corners.

Turn Signals and Hand Gestures

Use the necessary signals when turning or slowing down and don’t honk in silent zones. credit: thenewswheel

Use of Mobile Phones

Avoid using your mobile phone while on the road.

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