Whispers of the Great Wall: 8 Places to Not Miss in China!

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a 6,000-kilometre-long fortification built to restrict raids from nomadic groups.

Forbidden City

One of the most well-known locations in China, the Forbidden City draws visitors from all over the world and the country. The location of the imperial palaces in Beijing is a specific area.

The Terracotta Army

Over 8,000 terracotta figurines depict Qin Shi Huang and his army. They were discovered in the 1970s by farmers drilling wells in Xi'an.

The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is a set of religious structures with dragon pillars, circular altars, and inner/outer pillars.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace in Beijing is a famous imperial site with lakes, palaces and walkways.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square in Beijing has key public buildings like the Great Hall, National Museum and Mao's Mausoleum.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai, China, has a 128-story mega tall skyscraper called the Shanghai Tower. The Shanghai Tower is the third-tallest structure in the world, standing at 632 metres.

Yu Garden

It is a beautiful garden that is close to the City God Temple. Ancient plants, secret pavilions and winding walkways can be found here.

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