Explore the Best of Canada’s Seasonal Wonders in This Spring

Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa

Celebrate the spring with a colourful display of over a million tulips in the nation’s capital.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver

Experience the beauty and culture of the Japanese cherry blossoms in one of Canada’s most diverse cities.

Spot Whales Across Canada’s Coasts

Witness the majestic marine mammals in their natural habitats in Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

Richmond Night Market

Indulge in a variety of delicious cuisines and shop for unique items at the largest night market in North America. credit:cbc

Stanley Park

Explore the scenic and historic park that offers stunning views of the Vancouver skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

Hike to the Bruce Peninsula

Discover the rugged and breathtaking landscape of the Bruce Peninsula, home to ancient forests, limestone cliffs and turquoise waters.

Annapolis Apple Blossom Festival in Nova Scotia

Enjoy the sweet and festive atmosphere of the Annapolis Valley, where apple orchards and blossoms abound.

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