8 Unique Places to Visit in Georgia in This Spring

Georgian Wine at Kakheti

Take a sip of Georgian wine in Kakheti. The vineyards unfold stories of ancient traditions.

Watch Towers and the Medieval Land of Svaneti

Journey back in time amidst Svaneti's medieval charm, where ancient watchtowers stand sentinel over a captivating landscape.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Gergeti Trinity Church, perched against the stunning backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains.

Caves of Gareji

Explore the mystique of Gareji, where cave complexes unveil Georgia's religious and cultural heritage in an otherworldly setting. credit:mywanderlust

Cheese Festival

Indulge in the celebration of artisanal cheeses at Georgia's Cheese Festival.

Martvili Canyon

Navigate the turquoise waters of Martvili Canyon, where nature's artistry reveals itself in majestic waterfalls and lush greenery.

Batumi Beach

Bask in the sun on Batumi Beach, where the Black Sea meets Georgia's vibrant city life for the perfect coastal retreat.

Ananuri Castle

Step into history at Ananuri Castle, a fortress reflecting Georgia's architectural prowess amidst the scenic landscapes.

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