Japan in Spring: 8 Best Destinations & Activities Like Nowhere

Jindaiji Daruma Doll Fair in Chofu, Tokyo

Experience the charm of traditional Daruma dolls at Jindaiji Temple's fair in Chofu, Tokyo, a lively celebration of good luck and perseverance.

Beppu Hattou Onsen Matsuri in Oita Prefecture

Immerse yourself in the hot spring culture at Beppu Hattou Onsen Matsuri, a festive showcase of traditional rituals and vibrant parades in Oita Prefecture.

Kabuki performance at Nagahama Hikiyama Festival in Shiga Prefecture

Witness the captivating art of Kabuki during the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival in Shiga Prefecture, where ornate floats and dramatic performances unfold.

Ushibuka Haiya Festival in Kumamoto Prefecture

Join the energetic Ushibuka Haiya Festival in Kumamoto Prefecture, a dynamic celebration featuring lively drum performances and vibrant traditional dances. credit:ushibuka.

Kanda Matsuri Festival in Kanda Myojin

Partake in the grandeur of the Kanda Matsuri Festival at Kanda Myojin, Tokyo, where splendid processions, ornate Mikoshi floats, and traditional rituals take centre stage. credit:cheapoguides

Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Sakura Matsuri

Marvel at the beauty of cherry blossoms during Ueno Sakura Matsuri, a picturesque celebration in Tokyo's Ueno Park featuring stunning blooms and cultural performances.

Kurayami Matsuri

Experience the unique darkness of Kurayami Matsuri in Fuchu, Tokyo, where traditional religious processions and ceremonies create an atmospheric celebration. credit:tokyobling

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