Top 10 Most Popular Visa-Free Countries for Indian Tourists


Escape to the Land of Smiles hassle-free! The most favourite beach destination of Indians, Thailand is visa-free till 10th May 2024!


Embark on an Indonesian odyssey, where vibrant cultures and pristine beaches welcome you. No visa is needed for Indians!


Indians, fly in Qatar visa-free. Stay there for up to 30 days and discover the opulence of the Arabian Peninsula.


Dive into the Maldivian bliss – where azure waters meet overwater bungalows. Visa-free access for Indians!


Malaysia, a tapestry of cultures and lush landscapes, invites Indians visa-free with up to a 30-day stay. 


Indulge in the allure of Mauritius, where turquoise lagoons meet sugar-white beaches. Indians, pack your bags – no visa is required for this island paradise!


Neighbouring beauty calling! Nepal welcomes Indians without a visa. Embrace the Himalayan charm and cultural richness hassle-free.


Bhutan, a visa-free haven for Indians. Explore the enchanting monasteries and serene landscapes at your own pace.


Fiji, a South Pacific gem, extends a warm invitation. Indians can revel in this tropical paradise without a visa. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka extends Indians a visa-free trip until 31st March 2024. Unearth the cultural tapestry and natural wonders hassle-free!

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