Your Ultimate Guide for Malaysia Trip - Best Time to Visit, Visa, Documents, Currency

Perfect Time to Visit Malaysia

Discover Malaysia’s beauty from April to October on the vibrant East Coast & chase adventures from December to March along the gorgeous West Coast.

Malaysia Visa for Indians

Indians can now enter Malaysia visa-free for up to 30 days till December 31, 2024. If you still wish to apply for a visa the standard visa process is still in place.

Documents to Carry

A passport valid for over 6 months, a valid visa, financial means for your stay, and a clean record – not on the Suspect List or marked as a prohibited immigrant.

Know the Currency

In Malaysia, it's all about the "ringgit"! Divisible into 100 sen, it's issued by the Central Bank, and its symbol is RM, with the code MYR.

Health and Safety

Stay refreshed and hydrated in Malaysia's tropical climate, and savour the local cuisine while being mindful of street food hygiene for a delicious and safe adventure!

Malaysia has a lot to offer! Start planning your itinerary in way advance for the best experience and don't forget to add Digit International Travel Insurance for your safety needs.