Traveller’s Guide to Singapore: Things to Know Before Visiting the Lion City

Best Time to Visit

Explore the best of Singapore during the dry season, from February to April - enjoy pleasant weather, fewer showers, and vibrant festivals.

Singapore Visa for Indians

Unlock the gateway to seamless Singapore exploration with a 2-year, multiple-entry tourist visa, allowing 30-day stays per visit.

Documents to Carry

Pack your passport, visa, passport-sized photos, travel insurance, and flight itineraries. Digital copies stored in a secure cloud folder can be a lifesaver.

Know the Currency

Singapore Dollar (SGD). Check exchange rates before your journey. You can exchange your currency from India or in Singapore.


Don’t forget to take travel insurance for financial security. Follow local laws and stay vigilant against petty theft to ensure a secure and enjoyable visit.

As you tick off your health and safety checklist for your upcoming Singapore trip, let Digit International Travel Insurance protect you against any uncertainties.