Useful Tips That Every Traveler Should Know Before Planning a Trip to the USA

Best Time to Visit

Autumn (September to November) is the best season to visit the USA.

Most Common US Visa’s

Visitor Visa: B-1/B-2, Student Visa: F-1, Work Visa: H-1B

Documents Required for Visa Application

6-month valid passport, Passport-sized photographs, Stamped DS-160 visa application confirmation form, Proof of paid visa fee, Bank statements, etc.

Currency of the USA

United States Dollar (USD) or $. Frequently used bank notes are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

Safe & Secure Travelling

Though not mandatory, travel insurance is highly advisable for a safe and secure trip to the USA. With it, be covered for any high medical costs or unplanned extended trip expenses.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Walt Disney World, Grand Canyon National Park, Times Square, etc.

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