No Visa Required for These 62 Countries for Indian Passport Holders


Indians don’t need a visa for a less than 30 days trip to the country.

Sri Lanka

Indians can plan up to 30 days trip to Sri Lanka without a visa within 31st March 2024.


Indians are provided free visa-on-arrival for a stay of up to 4 months in Fiji.


A trip to Thailand from India will not require a visa until 10th May 2024.


Maldives allows a visa-free entry with a 30-day stay for Indian tourists.

British Virgin Islands

No visa is required for visiting and staying for up to 90 days in this country.


Indian passport holders can visit Barbados for up to 90 days without a visa.


Jamaica provides visa-free entry to Indians for visiting the country for up to 30 days.

Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, Iran, Qatar, Cook Islands, Mauritius, Malaysia, Albania, and Seychelles are among other visa-free countries for Indians.

Indian passport holders can also visit Myanmar, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Haiti, Jordan, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe without a visa.

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