Different Types of Canada Work Visa for Indians Looking for Employment Opportunities!

How Can Indians Get Work Visas for Canada?

They can work in Canada with a work permit. Over 500,000 temporary foreign workers are permitted to work in Canada each year.

Employer Specific Work Visa

Indian professionals need to follow regulations and can only work for the employer listed in their Canada work permit.

Open Work Permit

Open work Permit in Canada allows anyone to work for any employer, especially vulnerable individuals or victims of Abuse.

Visa Application Fees

People must pay the application fees while applying for a work visa in Canada.

Individual Applicants

Individual applicant has to pay a visa application fee of CAD 85

Open Work Permit Holder

An applicant for Open Work Permit must pay a visa application fee or CAD 255

Group of Performing Artists

Group of performing artist applicants must pay a visa application fee of CAD 170

Processing Time for a Canadian Visa

Work visa processing times for Canada range from 1 to 9 months. The IRCC receives and evaluates applications before making a decision.

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