Types of Japan Work Visa for Indians Looking for Opportunities!

Different Types of Work Visas in Japan

Along with work visas, 30 distinct Japanese work permits are available to Indians.

Specified Skills Visa 1 (SSV1)

Skilled workers in select industries can apply for a visa valid for one year, extendable up to five years with an SSV2 application.

Specified Skills Visa 2 (SSV2)

SSV2 is indefinite & renewable. Let's you bring your family to Japan. Gain more expertise with SSV1 to qualify.

Specified Skilled Worker Visa

If you are an Indian worker moving to Japan to fill employment openings you possess in various labour industries, your best option is a specific skilled worker visa.

Japan Holiday Work Visa

You may apply for this work visa if your country of residence has a Working Holiday Agreement with Japan.

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