Navigating Singapore’s Work Visa Entry Options for Indians!

Types of Employment Visas

Foreigners working in Singapore require a work pass or permit issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower.


Indian (or other foreign) entrepreneurs who want to launch their own business in Singapore must first acquire EntrePass.

Employment Pass

Foreign executives, managers, and professionals with annual salaries over S$3,600 and the necessary credentials must get an employment pass.

Personalised Employment Pass

Professionals with high incomes and an employment pass must get this work visa. Foreign workers who work abroad must obtain this customised employment pass.

S Pass

Mid-level skilled staff must obtain S Pass.

Work Permit for Performing Artiste

This type of work visa is required for foreign performers who wish to work in public entertainment venues such as bars, hotels, and nightclubs.

Work Permit for Foreign Worker

This visa is required for working in the construction, marine shipbuilding, and process sectors.

Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Worker

This kind of work visa is required for female migrant domestic workers (MDMs) who want to work in Singapore.

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