Explore the World of US Work Visas for Indian Citizens!

Different Categories of Work Visas for Individuals

Foreign nationals, including Indians, can get work visas under US immigration laws.

H-1B (Workers in Specialty Occupations)

Candidates must hold a Master's or higher degree and make at least $60,000 annually.

H-2B (Skilled and unskilled workers)

US offers seasonal employment visas for companies to address labor shortage. Dept. of Labor certification required prior to visa application.

H-3 (Trainee)

This visa is for those seeking training from a US company. Applicants need to submit Form DS-160, a letter of employment, and a USCIS receipt number.

H-4 (Dependents)

H-1B, H-2B, and H-3 visa holders who have dependents are eligible to apply for an H-4 visa. Holders of H-4 visas are unable to work in the US.

L-1 (Intra-company transferees)

International company execs/managers can apply for an L-1 visa when temporarily transferred to the US. Need an approved petition from USCIS before applying.

L-2 (Dependents)

Dependents of L-1 visa holders can apply for an L-2 visa, much like H4 visa holders do. Currently, L-2 visa holders in the US can apply for a work permit.

O (Extraordinary Ability)

Exceptionally talented individuals in arts, sciences, business, education, athletics, and film/TV production can apply for an O work visa.

Q (Cultural exchange)

Q visa is for cultural exchange program participants to share their traditions, culture, and history, with extended employment/training.

P (Artists/entertainers)

Visitors must apply for a P work visa to travel to the US to act as athletes, support staff, or entertainers.

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