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What is Zero-Touch Insurance?

What are the different types of insurance I can buy online?

How does Digit enable zero-touch insurance?

Online buying process

Online buying process

No need to go to any branch office or get in touch with an agent, you can directly buy your insurance policy online from our website.

Online self-inspection

Online self-inspection

No surveyor visits! Self-inspect your own vehicle with our self-inspection app and we’ll issue your policy online once confirmed.

No paperwork!

No paperwork!

Whether you need to upload proofs or just submit documents for a claim, all you need to do is click and upload.

Doorstep pick-up & drop for motor repair claims

Doorstep pick-up & drop for motor repair claims

We offer free pick-up & drop of your vehicle for repairs and yes, even though this involved some level of touch, we ensure maximum safety standards while doing so.

24X7 Support

24X7 Support

Whether you want help with your claim or have doubts lingering about your policy, all you need to do is call our customer care number & we’ll be right there for you!

What is the difference between a conventional insurance and a zero-touch insurance?

Zero-Touch Insurance

Conventional Insurance

Policy Issuance

No need to visit an office or an agent, you can buy your insurance policy online, with the click of a few buttons!

You need to go by to the office or visit an insurance agent to get an insurance policy.

Inspection Process

No one will physically come by to check your car. Instead, you can comfortable do this by yourself using your phone and the self-inspection app, once the team has checked it online, your policy will be confirmed!

A surveyor usually comes by to inspect your car manually and only then your insurance is confirmed. This may take upto few days.


Paperless. Only online submissions and proofs, even during claims!

Lengthy paperwork, everything during claims has to be physically submitted.


Doorstep pick-up and drop so you don’t need to step out!

Physically go drop your car to the garage in case of repairs.


24x7 support over call, or online!

Support as per work timings only.

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