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What is covered?

Hospitalization cover for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

No limit or restriction on Room rent or ICU

Pre/post hospitalization expenses: up to 30/60 days

Road Ambulance: 1% of the Sum Insured, max up to INR 5,000

Second Medical Opinion covered

Choose your Sum Insured options according to your requirement 

You can read more about the policy in the detailed policy wordings available here .

Digit Illness Group Insurance

(UIN GODHLGP20142V011920) 

Getting diagnosed with this dreadful virus is heart-breaking. Digit understands this and offers a cushion which will reimburse you for the expenses incurred due to hospitalization for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

You will be covered for hospitalization expenses if you are diagnosed with and hospitalized solely for COVID-19.
Hospitalization expenses incurred due to being quarantined in a government, military or government approved hospital are also covered, if you are suffering from COVID-19 as an inpatient and hospitalization was solely due to COVID-19 during the Policy Period.
Hospitalization shall be applicable for all hospitals. However, claim will be admissible only after the insured member is tested positive for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) conducted from any of the ICMR Authorized test Centres in India.

What is not covered?

We will not cover the insured person, if they have travelled to the countries listed in the "Travel Advisory for COVID-19 on Home Isolation" issued by Ministry of Health & FW, Government of India as applicable on date of policy purchase, since 60 days prior to the policy inception date and any time after the policy inception date. You can find the list of countries here.

Hospitalization shall be applicable for all hospitals. However claim will be admissible only after the insured member is tested positive.

Patients only under investigation (PUI) with inconclusive reports will not be qualified

Initial waiting period of 15 days. PED (Pre-existing disease)/ Specific illness Waiting Period is 4 years & 2 years respectively

Symptomatic treatment in absence of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Testing done in a center other than the ones authorized in India by the ICMR.

Treatment taken outside India.

Any pre-existing condition whether declared or undeclared.

Home hospitalisation (Domiciliary hospitalisation) expenses

Hospitalisation expenses for any other treatment apart for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will not be covered

Insured members who are having covid symptoms or having active covid treatment

What we offer you

Hospital Expenses

Hospital Expenses

This insurance cushions you against the hospitalization related expenses in this stressful time.


Simple Claims

No hard copies required.


Choice of Coverage

Choose your Sum Insured according to your requirement.

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