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What is a POSP?

A POSP (Point of Sales Person) is the formal name given to an insurance agent who has the authority to sell specific insurance products.

However, these are insurance policies that generally fall under the pre-underwritten category wherein policies are issued automatically through the system. This means that there are no specific checks such as pre-medical tests or inspections required.

If you’re looking to be a POSP, you are required to comply with the minimum qualifications as specified by the IRDAI and undergo a 15-hour training. To learn more about being a POSP and the benefits of the same, read on.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is responsible for all insurance-related activities in the country. In 2015, the concept of POSPs were primarily initiated by the IRDAI as a means to increase insurance penetration in the country, and consequently ensure more and more people are protected through an insurance; right from protecting their vehicles to covering for their health.

What can you sell as a POSP?
POSPs are authorized to sell pre-underwritten insurance policies like Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Property Insurance, as offered by the respective insurance company they are associated with.

If you are to associate yourself with Digit Insurance, you would be allowed to sell Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Health Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, Shop Insurance, and Home Insurance.


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How to become a POSP with Digit?

Step 1

Sign up by filling our POSP form given above, and our team will get back to you with more details. 😊

Step 2

Complete your 15-hour training with us.

Step 3

Complete the prescribed examination.

Step 4

Sign the agreement with us and that’s it! You’ll be a certified POSP.

Who can become a POSP?

As long as you are capable of selling insurance policies, are above 18 years of age and have at least completed class 10, you can be eligible to become a POSP. Let’s talk about a few possibilities, as mentioned below.

College Students

If you’re currently pursuing your higher studies but would still want to spend your time productively on the side, whilst making some money, this could be a viable option for you.

Stay at home spouses

If you’re a stay at home husband or wife, and have a lot of time on your hand you can choose to become a POSP, that won’t only help you spend your time productively but will also help you make some extra income for you and your family.


We understand that homemakers don’t always have the time to pursue another job, especially when there are kids too to be taken care of. However, if you do seem to have some hours in the day and want to dedicate it to a part-time job, being a POSP could be one option to go for.


After retirement, it suddenly feels like you have all the time in the world! And if you’re someone who’s been working a lot in the past few years and were used to those levels of productivity, you can still get back to it by being a POSP. This way, you can spend as many hours you like, at home working productively at a pace you like, and at any time you like.


If you’re already running a business but still want to venture out to more things, or have been working in the similar industry, becoming a POSP could be of added value; as you can choose to work just as much as you want, whilst having a higher earning potential through the same.

What are the advantages of being a POSP?

Wondering why should you be a POSP? Well, there are many reasons that could make it a useful venture for you.

Become your own boss

If you’re someone who prefers to work by yourself, this could be a good option for you. One of the primary advantages of being a POSP is the freedom to work as per your convenience. You can now be your own boss!

No time constraints!

If you’re restricted with time or, have other duties to adhere to, being a POSP could be a flexible working option. You can decide whether you’d like to work fulltime or part-time and craft your own working hours accordingly. So whether you’re an early riser or a late-night owl, this could work for you either ways! 

Work from home

Thanks to technology, many insurers including Digit Insurance, primarily sell insurance policies online. This means, you as a POSP can work from home and conveniently use our seamless online processes to sell and issue policies.

Only 15 hours of training

To certify as a POSP, one of the main criteria's is to complete the 15-hours compulsory training offered by the IRDAI; which isn’t much to be honest! All it is going to take you is 15 hours of investment to learn all you need to know about insurance and then get on board to sell it to those who may need it. 

High earning potential

You have the potential to build as much income as you like here. Your earnings don’t rely on number of hours worked but on the number of policies you issue. To have a better understanding of the same, have a look at our income calculator below and see how much you could earn with every policy sold.

Why partner with Digit?

Or in other words, what makes us awesome 😉

Work directly with Digit

As our POSP partner, you will work directly with us. No other middlemen involved. Digit is the fastest growing insurance company India today. Within just two years of operations, we've achieved 2.9% market share in the motor business & are currently the youngest company to be awarded Asia's General Insurance Company of the Year 2019. 

Strong backend support

With technology as our main pillar, we offer you a dedicated support team, and an advanced web & mobile app that allows you to sell 24x7! 

Zero-Touch Insurance

Nobody likes paperwork! And with the COVID-19, people seem to steer away from it even further! Luckily, all our processes have always been online, with absolutely no paperwork involved. It’s a win-win situation; it works well for you and your time,  potential customers prefer it too and it’s great for the environment! 

Renewal Protection

Our system automatically detects previous policies and ensures that bookings happen under the partners code, irrespective of whichever platform the user is buying their policy from. This means, after the first time you get a customer on board; they will benefit you at each time they buy and renew their policy, irrespective of whether they buy it directly from you or not. 

Instant Policy Issuance

That’s the best part about online insurance! We issue insurance policies almost instantaneously and that too without any inconvenience. So, save time by keeping away from long procedures, tedious paperwork and related hassles by joining Asia’s Best General Insurance Company of the Year.

Quick commission settlement

Let’s get to what most partners worry about. Don’t worry, we have your back! All our commissions are settled quickly. Your account will be credited with your commission every 15 days of policy issuance.