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Why Compare Two Wheeler Insurance?

Why should you Compare Bike Insurance?

Check the Reliability of the Insurers

You can compare and rank the insurance companies on the basis of their reliability. You can search for people’s reviews and get to know which companies are great at their service and good at settling the claims. Then it will be easy to find an obvious Insurance company to go for. 

Know your Policy Terms

When you understand the policy on your own, you don’t have to rely on any expert or an insurance agent. When you are thoroughly informed about what’s covered in the policy and what’s not, you can make unbiased decisions on your own. This can only be possible if you study and compare the policies from numerous insurers.

Be aware of the Compatibility in the Claim Process

A proper research and comparison of various policies will let you know about the claim processes of top insurance companies, you will get to know about the actions to be taken after an actual claim that you would be raising. Then you proceed with one which proves to be the most compatible with you.

Find an Affordable Deal

You can check the deals offered by the top insurance companies available in India. Checking the premiums against the coverage that various companies provide will enable you to make sensible decisions and save money. 

Avail Offers and Discounts

Certain insurance companies might be offering great discounts on some of their bike insurance plans, which you will miss if you are ignorant to do research and comparison. You will not want to miss the discounts for sure!

Factors you should consider while Comparing Bike Insurance Online

How to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Offline

Open your laptop from the comfort of your drawing room. Log on to websites comparing the policies and you’re all set.

Visit a reputed, independent insurance agent in your area who can broker the right policies to you at a negotiated amount.

Fill in the details of your bike on your own. Include specifications, IDV, add-ons if needed.

Help the agent with all the details of your bike so that he can process the information to provide you with suitable policies.

New age fintech companies will produce tabulated lists of policies and rates according to the details specified by you.

The broker will produce a number of quotes from different companies after doing his research.

Benefits of Comparing Bike Insurance Online

Saves Time

The convenience factor is a major benefit of comparing bike insurance online. Keeping your details ready, you can get free quotes online and compare different policies which will surely save some valuable time.

Easy Procedure

The process to be followed is simple to compare bike insurance online. You can do your research at your own time as comparing insurance online puts you at full liberty to choose and select a policy according to your specific needs.

Insurance Premium Calculator

We all have different requirements when it comes to choosing a policy. With access to tools like premium calculator, comparing insurance online will have the DIY person in you going “yay!” You can calculate your premium even at 2 in the night, if you wish to!

Easy & Uninfluenced Decision-Making

Comparing bike insurance online will give you more options as compared to manually visiting an insurance broker. Choosing the right coverage is of utmost importance and the internet is the best place to mix and match different add-ons for your policy.

Checklist to remember while Comparing Bike Insurance Online

  • Reliability of the Insuring Company - Insurance companies are by the dozen in the market. Putting a little time in doing a background check of the insuring company is a must. You could look at reviews online while also ascertaining the ratio of claim settlement of the company. 
  • What will you be Paying - Insurance premium calculators will shed light on the amount range you will be paying for coverage. As you fill in the details and press the button, your insurance premium amount will pop up. Look at the cost of add-ons and weigh it with the actual risks involved.
  • Clarity of Your Needs - As a policy buyer, it is your prerogative to know what kind of add-ons you will need while going for a bike insurance. To cover all your needs, clarity is important before going ahead and zeroing in on the perfect policy with the right add-ons.
  • Both Deductibles - This is a gamble, so play your cards right. Only you know the specific risks you want to be covered for, over the others. Opting for higher voluntary deductibles for low risk cover options will reduce the load on your premium.