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Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Difference between Comprehensive and Third Party Liability Policy

Comprehensive Insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance


It provides coverage to the vehicle, third party liability for bodily injury or property damage.

The cover provides protection against any liability which may arise due to third party bodily injury or property damage only.


New or a few years old vehicle for which the cost of repairs would be unmanageable needs a Comprehensive Cover. These repairs will be needed after a mishap or road accident.

Vehicles more than 10 years old for which the repair cost could be managed by the owner will need Third Party Liability Insurance only. For these vehicles, the cost of repair will not be high.

Cost of Insurance

A Comprehensive Cover is expensive as it offers wider protection against injuries, damage, and theft.

A Third Party Liability Insurance is cheaper in comparison to that of the Comprehensive Cover.


The price for Comprehensive Cover is variable as it depends on the rates and discounts offered by different insurers.

The Price under the Third Party Liability Insurance is fixed by the Regulator.

Advantages of buying a Comprehensive Policy