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What is Group Health Insurance?

Why protect your employees’ health with a Group Health Insurance policy?

  • Boost Employee Retention - People value jobs that give them a sense of security. A group health insurance will not only give your employees and their families enough financial security, but an overall sense of satisfaction that their employer actually cares about them.
  • Strengthen Employee Motivation - Happy employees make happy workspaces and evidently successful companies! It’s no surprise that the safer and satisfied employees feel, the happier and more motivated they’re likely to be! 
  • Protect them from Severe Health Conditions - More than 61% of illness hospitalization and death in India are due to lifestyle-related diseases. Safeguard your employees from the same, amongst other diseases; the earlier these issues are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated and resolved. 
  • Enhance their Mental Wellbeing - Many employees are often affected by stress due to either financial pressure or other personal issues which can lead to lower productively levels at work too. Our group health insurance plan will not only safeguard their savings but, also enhance their overall mental wellbeing with the right support. 

What’s great about Group Health Insurance by Digit?

Easy Online Processes

No one likes to waste their time on lengthy paperwork, and we understand that. Right from the process of buying a group health insurance plan to making claims is paperless, easy, quick and hassle free! After all, we are part of the digital revolution.

Cashless Claims

Cashless Claims

Gives your employees the option to opt for cashless claims through a wide network of our hospitals spread across India. So, no matter where they are in India, they’ll always be covered at ease!

Low Cost Premium

Being a digital health insurance provider, our health insurance premiums come with low-cost premiums, so you can cover all your employees conveniently.

Post Hospitalization Lumpsum Benefit

Post Hospitalization Lumpsum Benefit

We take the idea of simple and quick claims seriously. A post-hospitalization lumpsum gives people the benefit to take care of their post-hospitalization expenses without having to collect bills, receipts, etc.

One Point of Contact

One Point of Contact

No need to coordinate with multiple points of contact and third parties. With Digit’s Group Health Insurance, you only need to stay in touch with us and no one else.

Group Health Insurance for All Company Sizes

Group Health Insurance for All Company Sizes

Everyone deserves to be protected. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 10-member team or a 25+ member startup, our group health insurance covers companies of all shapes and sizes.

Refill Sum Insured

Refill Sum Insured

One of our star benefits, your employees can choose to refill their sum insured in case its exhausted, unlimited times for any illnesses.

5900+ Cashless Hospitals

5900+ Cashless Hospitals

With more than 5900+ cashless hospitals across India, your employees can be covered at ease no matter where they are in India!

What is Covered in Group Health Insurance by Digit?

Accidental Hospitalization

Accidental Hospitalization

In case your employee or their dependent get into an accident, this covers for all pre and post hospitalization expenses such as road ambulance charges, room rent, diagnosis, day care procedures, etc.

Illness Related Hospitalization

Illness Related Hospitalization

Sometimes, some illnesses require hospitalization. This benefit will cover your employee and their dependents for all treatment and hospitalization expenses.

Daily Hospital Cash Cover

Daily Hospital Cash Cover

In case your employee or their dependent is hospitalized, expenses go beyond just the hospital bill and this benefit helps people cover for just that.

Psychiatric Benefit

Psychiatric Illness Cover

According to a WHO study, at least 6.5% of India’s population suffer from a serious mental disorder. Luckily, our health insurance will also cover for your employee’s psychiatric support; after all mental health is just as important as physical health.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illnesses have been on a rise today. Our plan comes with a Critical Illness benefit included so that your employee and their dependents will be covered in case they are diagnosed with any Critical Illnesses.

Maternity Benefit with Newborn Baby Cover

Maternity Benefit with Newborn Baby Cover

This is something many young working professionals worry about! This benefit can be opted to cover for child delivery expenses for your employee or their spouse. It also covers expenses in case of an infertility treatment or medically necessary terminations.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits

Our health insurance plan also includes benefits to cover for things such as Alternate Treatment (AYUSH), Organ Donation Expenses, Infertility Treatment and Bariatric Surgeries among others.

Complimentary Annual Health Checkup

Complimentary Annual Health Checkup

It's important to be aware of one's complete health and well-being. That's why, our plan includes reimbursement for any medical checkups and tests your employees or their dependents would want to do in a year.

What’s not Covered?

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Expenses

Pre-natal and post-natal medical expenses, unless it leads to hospitalization of the employee or their spouse.

PED Waiting Period

In case of a pre-existing disease, unless the waiting period is over, the claim for that disease or illness cannot be made.

Hospitalization without doctor’s recommendation

Any condition your employee gets hospitalized for, that doesn’t match with the doctor’s prescription is not covered.

Key Benefits of a Group Health Insurance by Digit


Starting at ₹1500 per employee


No Age Based Copayment

Claim Settlement Ratio

93.37% (GMC Health Claim Settlement Ratio) 

Cashless Hospitals

5900+ Cashless Hospitals Across India

Buying & Claim Process

Paperless Process, Digital Friendly

Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

How to claim?

  • Whenever there’s a claim, let us know! Give us a call at 1800-258-4242 or email us at
  • In case of a Cashless Claim, all your employee needs to do is choose a network hospital of their choice and display their e-health card and we’ll take care of the rest. The employee can also opt for up to 50% Advance Cash benefit by providing estimated medical expenses.
  • In case an employee wants to opt for a hospital not part of our network, they can opt for Reimbursement by submitting required documents such as medical bills, test reports, consultation summary, etc.

Why choose us?

Loved by Customers

Loved by Customers

Trusted by over 35 lakh customers for their insurance needs in India, 93% of our customers who review us on Facebook rate us at 4.6/5

More TLC, Less T&C

More TLC, Less T&C

No hidden clauses, jargon free documents & easy-to-understand language

Digital Friendly

Digital Friendly

All our processes, right from generating your quote to onboarding members and making claims are simple and can be done online.

Who should buy a Group Health Insurance plan?

Typically, any organization with 10 or more members should protect their employees with a health insurance. If you aren’t sure about the same, we break it down for you.

Small Companies & Young Startups

If you’ve just started a young startup of your own and have at least up to 15 team members, then you could sign up for a group health insurance plan that won’t only protect your employees but, will also help in your tax savings. If you’re too worried about the costs, don’t worry- group health insurance plans are customized as per the company’s financial and employee strength.

Medium Sized Companies & Growing Startups

So, your company’s a young one but has been around for a while now. You can choose to protect your employees with a group health insurance plan. This won’t only help in increasing your employees’ happiness and motivation but will also help you retain them for longer.

Large Organizations & Established Startups

Being a large and established startup, organization – employees expect benefits such as a health insurance as part of their package. So, if you have a company that has up to 1000 members or less, you should cover them and their dependents with a group health insurance plan that won’t only give them a sense of security but, will also increase your organization’s goodwill.

Advantages of a Group Health Insurance

Low Cost Premiums

Since a group health insurance policy is spread over a group of people, the premium for the same is a lot cheaper than other health policies. 

Tax Benefits

According to the Income Tax Department of India, companies offering their employees with a health insurance can benefit from some tax savings!

Company Goodwill

Organizations that offer their employees with valuable benefits lead to happier employees and happier work environments. This ultimately leads to a better goodwill for any company, big and small. After all, everyone loves a good old organization that cares about its people!

How is a Group Health Insurance different from an Individual Health Insurance?

Individual Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

In this case, every individual is the direct point of contact with their respective insurer.

Here, the company is the direct point of contact with the respective group health insurance provider.

Every individual holds the right to cancel their policy at any point in time.

In the case of a group health insurance, only the employer has the right to cancel the policy.

An individual policy is valid for as long as an individual has paid the respective premium year on year.

A group health policy is valid for as long as the employee is part of the respective organization.

An individual health policy is primarily dependent on an individual’s age, medical history, health conditions etc.

A group health policy is primarily dependent on the organization's strength; both financial and employee strength.

Typically, in any individual health insurance the insurer will have pre-medical checkups conducted, basis which policies are issued.

In a group health insurance plan, pre-medical check-ups are not conducted by the insurer, which reduces risk on policies being declined.

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