One Health Insurance Plan for All

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Why is it important to protect your employees’ health with a group health insurance?

  • Rise in Lifestyle Diseases - More than 61% of illness hospitalizations and deaths in India are due to lifestyle-related diseases. Safeguard your employees from the same; the earlier these issues are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated and resolved.
  • Enhance Mental Wellbeing - A large number of employees are often affected by stress due to either financial pressure or other issues. Our group health insurance plan will not only safeguard their savings but, also enhance their overall mental wellbeing with the right support. 
  • Build Employee Motivation - Employees value jobs that give them enough financial security- a health insurance being one main aspect of it. 
  • Boost Employee Retention - Research shows that more than anything else, employees look for places that allow them not only to maximize savings but also provide them with additional benefits. 

What’s great about Digit’s Group Health Insurance?

Easy Online Processes

  • Our online medical insurance ensures everything, right from the process of buying a group health insurance plan to making claims is easy, quick and hassle free!

Overall Health & Well-Being

  • Our group health insurance plan does not only cover for one's physical health but mental health as well.

Low Cost Premium

  • Being a digital health insurance provider, our health insurance premiums come with low-cost premiums.

Cashless Claims

  • Gives members on your plan the option to opt for cashless claims through a wide network of our hospitals spread across India.

24x7 Support

  • We’ll be there for you whenever you need us! We’re just a ring away!

Quick Communication

  • Leave us your details & our health experts will get in touch with you soon!