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What does Domiciliary Hospitalization mean in Health Insurance?

What type of coverage is included for Domiciliary Hospitalization?

What are the benefits of Domiciliary Hospitalization?

Ready for uncertain situations

Ready for uncertain situations

The biggest benefit of having a domiciliary hospitalization is that you are covered in uncertain situations. For example, domiciliary hospitalization is covered if there are no hospital beds available. This situation was especially true amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In such a situation, one can still get the right medical treatment at home through the domiciliary hospitalization benefit.

home hospitalization

Flexibility of treatment

Sometimes, one can be so ill that they cannot even be moved to the nearest hospital. In such a case, the domiciliary hospitalization benefit can be your savior as it still gives you the flexibility and ease of being medically treated at home.

Prevent further injury

Prevent further medical issues

Domiciliary hospitalization is usually availed if you are extremely sick and cannot be moved to the hospital, or there are no hospital beds available. In some cases, this can turn to be quite risky as one’s health can deteriorate if treatment is not done on time. The domiciliary hospitalization benefit gives you the advantage to get treated at home and get the right treatment, at the right time.

What is covered in Domiciliary Hospitalization with Digit’s Health Insurance?

What are the conditions under which one can avail for Domiciliary Hospitalization with Digit’s Health Insurance for Seniors?

What is not covered in Domiciliary Hospitalization with Digit’s Health Insurance?

FAQs on Domiciliary Hospitalization