Car Insurance with Consumable Cover Add-on

Consumables in Car Insurance

With every great possession, comes great responsibilities! So, if you’ve just bought yourself a swanky new car, you know that there’s a lot of maintenance involved. And we’re not talking about fuel – we mean the constant expenditure of getting air conditioner gas, brake oil, engine oil, and so on. These are all examples of ‘consumables’.

Basically, consumables refer to those materials of your car that serve a specific purpose – like a nut, a bolt, or even grease – that once used, are consumed completely. Consumables are things that therefore have to be replaced or refilled frequently because of continuous wear and tear or usage.

Are Consumables Covered in your Car Insurance Policy?

Unfortunately, the answer’s no! Most car insurance policy does not cover the cost of consumables.

But, like in most cases, the solution is – you guessed it – simple! You can always purchase a separate add-on cover besides your comprehensive insurance. By paying an extra amount, you can make sure your car insurance policy covers your consumables as well and cut down on those small – but significant – car maintenance costs.

What is Covered?

Everything that your car uses constantly in order to run – which, once used, cannot be repurposed again. This includes the replacement costs of:

  • Lubricants and oils such as engine oil, brake oil, air conditioner refrigerant, radiator coolant, etc.
  • Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, grease, etc.

For instance, say your car was involved in a minor accident, and the radiator was damaged. Your comprehensive insurance will cover for the radiator, but not the coolant that leaked away because of the damage. It is one of the consumables that cost around 3 to 5 thousand rupees, which you have to spend from your own pocket. But if you get consumables cover addon, it will take care of that expense as well.

Things to remember if you get Consumables Cover Add-on

Since a consumables cover departs from the norm of what’s normally covered in a comprehensive insurance, there are some specific conditions that apply. And while these can differ for every insurance provider, we’d say there are some things they all have in common.

  • For instance, for every consumables cover claim, you have to make sure the claim comes under the ‘Own Damage’ section of your comprehensive insurance – which basically covers damages to your car due to accidents on the road, or theft.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that this add-on usually only applies to cars less than 5 years old. Older cars may not get the benefit of this security blanket!
  • Remember that consumables cover doesn’t apply to consequential damage or wear and tear and is subject to depreciation – like all other things in life.

Who should you opt for Consumables Cover?

If you’ve got a vehicle that’s not older than 60 months – and if you want to cut down on spending for small repairs and maintenances – a consumables cover is perfect for you!

Just remember to read your car insurance policy carefully, and make your claim at the earliest– the odds are, your car insurance will come through for you. 😊

Explain it like I'm five

We're making insurance so simple, now even 5-year-olds can understand it.

You enrol for a drawing competition. You pay a registration cost of Rs.250. But the teacher tells you that this is just for enrolment, you need to pay an additional cost for colours, art board, pencils, brushes etc. Those stationeries are consumables, and the additional cost you pay is your consumables cover.