What is Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover?

What is Critical Illness Cover?

How Term Plan with Critical Illness Cover Works?

What are the Benefits of Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover?

Who Should Buy a Critical Illness Cover?

Things To Consider When Buying A Term Insurance With Critical Illness Cover

FAQs about Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

What are the Exclusions of Critical Illness Insurance Cover?


The Exclusions of a Critical Illness Policy are:

  • Any listed critical illness diagnosed before the stipulated waiting period is completed. 
  • Pre-existing disease
  • Illness due to a congenital defect
  • Any intentional injury
  • Any illness/injury because of drugs or alcohol
  • Injuries or illnesses caused due to war, terrorism, criminal or unlawful acts by the life assured
  • Underwater or any adventurous activity

What is the Waiting Period for Critical Illness Benefit?

The waiting period for Critical Illness Benefit is usually 90 days. However, checking with your insurance provider for the complete details is best. 

What is the Survival Period?

The Survival Period is the minimum stipulated period that the insured must survive after the first diagnosis of the illness or a related surgical procedure. It is usually 28-30 days from the date of the first diagnosis.

If I Claim Once, Can I Renew my Critical Illness Benefit?

Under the critical illness benefit, only one claim is allowed during the insured’s lifetime. The critical illness policy terminates after the payment of the first claim under the policy, post which the policy cannot be renewed. 

How Much Critical Illness Cover Should I Opt for in my Term Insurance Policy?

The critical illness cover amount should ideally be based on factors such as your medical history, lifestyle, family medical history, financial obligations, and future medical expenses. It is advisable to assess these factors and consult with an insurance professional to determine an appropriate coverage amount.

Is the Premium for Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover Higher than Regular Term Insurance?

Yes, the premium for term insurance with critical illness cover is generally higher than regular term insurance due to the additional coverage provided for critical illnesses. The exact premium amount will depend on factors such as age, sum assured, policy term, and the individual's health condition.

Can I Add a Critical Illness Rider to an Existing Term Insurance Policy After the Policy is Issued?

Generally, critical illness riders need to be added at the time of purchasing or renewing the term insurance policy. Adding a critical illness rider to an existing policy may not be possible, but it is advised to check with your insurance provider for any available options.

Can I Claim the Critical Illness Benefit More than Once if I am Diagnosed with Multiple Critical Illnesses?

In most cases, critical illness benefits can be claimed only once during the policy term. Each critical illness rider typically specifies a list of covered critical illnesses, and a single claim is allowed for any one of those illnesses.

Is a medical check-up required to avail a critical illness rider?

The requirement for a medical check-up may vary depending on factors such as the insured person's age, sum assured, and the underwriting policies of the insurance provider. Some policies may require a medical examination, while others may have a simplified underwriting process without a medical check-up.