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Commercial Vehicle Insurance for your E-Rickshaw/Auto Rickshaw
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What is E-Rickshaw Insurance?

Why Choose E-Rickshaw Insurance by Digit?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Customize your Vehicle IDV

Customize your Vehicle IDV

With us, you can customize your vehicle IDV as per your choice!

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Super-Fast claims

Smartphone enabled self-inspection processes takes minutes!

What's Covered by E-Rickshaw Insurance?

An e-rickshaw insurance policy offered by Digit covers the following:

Damage incurred due to accidents

Damage incurred due to accidents

The policy covers any damage caused to the e-rickshaw due to an accident.

Personal accident

Personal accident

If the accident of the e-rickshaw leads to injury or death of individuals travelling in it or driving it, the insurance policy will cover it.

Loss suffered by third parties

Loss suffered by third parties

Any damage caused to third parties will be covered under the policy, in case the damage is caused directly by the e-rickshaw.



Loss of the e-rickshaw due to theft is covered by Digit’s e-rickshaw insurance policy. It also covers damage caused to the vehicle due to the theft.

Fire and natural calamities

Fire and natural calamities

Damage caused to the e-rickshaw due to fire or natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc. are covered by the policy.

What’s not covered?

Now that you know what’s covered under the policy, let us take a look at what is not covered under Digit’s electric rickshaw insurance policy.

Consequential damages

Any damage to the e-rickshaw that is not a direct result of the accident or natural calamity is not covered by the policy.

Driving without license or when drunk

If the person is driving the vehicle without a valid license or when drunk, the damage caused to the e-rickshaw will not be covered.

Outside Geographical Area

Any accidental loss or damage and / or liability caused, sustained or incurred outside the geographical area.

Contractual Liability

Any claim arising out of any contractual liability.

Features of E-rickshaw insurance offered by Digit

Types of E-Rickshaw Insurance Plans

Based on the requirement of your three-wheeler, we primarily offer two policies. However, considering the risk and frequent use of any commercial vehicle, it’s recommended to take a Standard Package Policy that will financially protect your rickshaw and the owner-driver as well.

Liability Only

Standard Package


Types of E-rickshaw insurance plans offered by Digit

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How fast are Digit Insurance Claims Settled?

This is the first question that should come to your mind when switching your insurance company. Good you’re doing that!

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What our customers have to say about us

Vikas Thappa

I had a wonderful experience while prossesing my vehicle insurance with Digit Insuarnce . It is so customer friendly equipped with apt technology. Claim got resorted within 24 hrs even without physically meeting any person. The customer centers handled my calls well. My special recognition to Mr Ramaraju Kondhana who was handled the case in a excellent way.

Vikrant Parashar

Really an fab insurance company which declared the highest idv value n staff is really courteus n i m totally complacent with the staff n specially credit goes to uves farkhun who timely infork me about various offers n benifits which push me to buy policy only from digit insurance n now i have decided to buy policy of another vehicle from digit insurance only bcs of many factors lyk cost-related and service-related.

Siddharth Murthy

It was a good experience of buying my 4th Vehicle insurance from Go-digit. Ms. Poonam devi explaining the policy well, as well as she knew what was the expectation from the customer and gave the quote according to my needs. And it was Hassle free to make the payment online. Special thanks to Poonam for getting this done Asap. Hope the Customer relationship team become better day by day!! Cheers.

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