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Room Rent Capping / Limits in Health Insurance

Let’s make this simpler for you to understand, with an illustrative example, of being admitted in a Zone B city like Bangalore for 4 days, with the assumption that you have a basic health insurance of Rs 3 lakhs, and your health insurer includes a room rent cap of up to 1% of your SI, i.e. Rs 3,000/day.

Digit Health Insurance with No Room Rent Cap Other Insurance with Room Rent Capping
Sum Insured ₹3 Lacs ₹3 Lacs
Room rent cap No room rent cap 1% of your sum insured i.e. ₹3000
No of days Hospitalized 4 4
Room rent for private ward (per day) ₹5000 ₹5000
Total room rent charged for 4 days ₹20000 ₹20000
Room rent covered by Insurer ₹20000 ₹12000
You pay ₹0 ₹8000

As you can see here, since your health insurer caps your room rent, you will be paying at least Rs 8,000 (extra amount due to room rent capping) more.

However, if your health insurance doesn’t come with any room rent capping, you will not need to pay this extra amount thus saving your pocket from additional out pocket expenses! 

What is the average Hospital Room Rent in India?

Here’s a quick table to help you understand the average room rent costs for different rooms at hospitals in India, including ICU room rents.

Type of Hospital Room Zone A Zone B Zone C
General Ward ₹1432 ₹1235 ₹780
Semiprivate Ward (2 or more sharing) ₹4071 ₹3097 ₹1530
Private Ward ₹5206 ₹4879 ₹2344
ICU ₹8884 ₹8442 ₹6884

Note - Please note that this is for reference purposes and the costs may differ hospital to hospital and city to city. 

Data source

Benefits of having No Room Rent Capping in your Health Insurance?

Choose any hospital room you prefer

Choose any hospital room you prefer

The primary benefit of no room rent capping in your health insurance is the fact that you’re not limited with your choice of room. Everyone has different preferences and just having the choice of picking the room you are comfortable with, can make your experience at the hospital a lot better. Whether you don’t mind sharing the room with two other patients or want a private room all to yourself, the choice is yours!

Freedom to use your health insurance the way you like

Freedom to use your health insurance the way you like

Whether you pick a basic room or a deluxe room, at the end of the day; your claim is registered basis the total amount of your treatment and hospitalization expenses put together. Having no limit on your room rent cap allows you to decide how you want to divide the expenses and spend on your total treatment. Of course, this is as long as your total claim amount is up to your sum insured.

Comfortable stay at the hospital

Comfortable stay at the hospital

When you’re sick or being treated, comfort is what you’ll crave for the most, isn’t it? Based on your personal preference, having no room rent cap helps you decide the room you feel most comfortable in, thereby making your stay at the hospital comfortable.

What’s great about Digit’s Health Insurance with No Room Rent Capping?

  • Simple online processes - From the process of buying a health insurance policy to making claims is paperless, easy, quick and hassle-free! No hard copies, even for claims! 
  • No Age-based or Zone-Based Co-payment - Our health insurance comes with no age-based or zone-based copayment. This means, during health insurance claims, you need not pay anything from your pocket. 
  • No Room Rent Restriction - We understand that everyone has different preferences. That’s why we have no room rent restrictions. Choose any hospital room you prefer. 
  • SI Wallet Benefit - If you exhaust your Sum Insured during the policy period, we refill it for you. 
  • Get treated at any hospital - Choose from 16400+ of our network hospitals in India for a cashless treatment or opt for a reimbursement. 
  • Wellness Benefits - Get exclusive wellness benefits on the Digit App in collaboration with top-rated health and wellness partners.